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McFedries iPhone Portable Genius, 6th Edition

6. Auflage 2020, 240 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 140 mm x 216 mm, Gewicht: 310 g Reihe: Portable Genius
ISBN: 978-1-119-76362-8
Verlag: Wiley

McFedries iPhone Portable Genius, 6th Edition

Your step-by-step guide to iPhone mastery

iPhone Portable Genius delivers a practical and simple guide to quickly learning everything you need to know about the iPhone. Whether you're a novice user with Apple products or a seasoned pro, you'll find a wealth of info designed to show you how to configure your iPhone, set up accounts, manage your contacts and appointments, take stunning pictures, and surf the web. All while keeping your identity and accounts private and secure.

Before you know it, you'll be:

* Mastering the touchscreen
* Setting up your iPhone to suit the way you work and play
* Connecting your iPhone to Wi-Fi and setting up your phone as an internet hub
* Solving the most common iPhone problems
* Getting the most out of email

With straightforward and step-by-step instructions in a portable and convenient package and engaging illustrations, iPhone Portable Genius is the ideal resource for owners and users of one of the world's most popular phones.


Weitere Infos & Material

Acknowledgments ivIntroduction xChapter 1 How Do I Start Using My iPhone? 2Working with the Side Button 4Sleeping and waking the iPhone 5Powering the iPhone on and off 5Silencing or declining a call 7Making a purchase 7Working with the Ring/Silent Switch 8Operating the Volume Controls 8Inserting a SIM Card 9Operating the Touchscreen 10Navigating the touchscreen 10Searching your iPhone 11Switching between running apps 13Typing on the keyboard 13Running Your iPhone from the Control Center 19Chapter 2 How Do I Configure My iPhone? 22Customizing the Home Screen 24Creating an app folder 24Adding a web page bookmark to the Home screen 26Working with App Notifications 26Displaying the Notification Center 27Handling notifications within the Notification Center 27Customizing notifications 28Configuring Do Not Disturb settings 30More Useful iPhone Configuration Techniques 31Changing the name of your iPhone 32Turning sounds on and off 32Customizing the keyboard 33Setting up Apple Pay 35Configuring Siri 38Controlling your privacy 39Protecting Your iPhone 39Locking your iPhone with a passcode 39Unlocking your iPhone biometrically 40Configuring parental controls 41Locating and protecting a lost iPhone 41Chapter 3 How Do I Connect My iPhone to a Network? 46Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network 48Making your first connection 48Showing available Wi-Fi networks automatically 49Connecting to known networks 50Connecting to a hidden Wi-Fi network 50Sending a file from your Mac to your iPhone 51 Forgetting a Wi-Fi network 52Turning off the Wi-Fi antenna 53Setting Up Your iPhone as an Internet Hub 53Activating the Personal Hotspot 54Connecting to the hotspot using Wi-Fi 54Keeping an Eye on Your Data Usage 55Controlling Network Data 56Turning off LTE 56Turning off cellular data 56Controlling cellular data usage 57Turning off data roaming 58Switching to Low Data Mode 58Switching your iPhone to Airplane Mode 58Pairing Your iPhone to Bluetooth Devices 59Making your iPhone discoverable 60Pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard 60Pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth headset 61Selecting a paired headset as the audio output device 62Unpairing your iPhone from a Bluetooth device 62Chapter 4 How Can I Get More Out of the Phone App? 64Working with Outgoing Calls 66Making calls quickly 66Automatically dialingextensions or menu options 68Voice dialing a call with Siri 68Configuring your iPhone not to show your caller ID 70Handling Incoming Calls 70Answering a call on other devices 70Sending an incoming call directly to voicemail 71Replying with a message 71Setting a callback reminder 73Turning off the call waiting feature 73Blocking incoming calls 73Forwarding calls to another number 74Juggling Multiple Calls and Conference Calls 75Managing Your Favorites List 77Chapter 5 How Can I Make the Most of iPhone Web Surfing? 80Touchscreen Tips for Web Sites 82Browsing Tips for Faster Surfing 83Opening and managing multiple browser tabs 84Opening a tab in the background 86Viewing a page without distractions 86Requesting a web site's desktop version 86Saving sites as bookmarks 89Managing your bookmarks 89Saving a page to read later 90Retracing your steps with the handy History list 91Filling in Online Forms 91Turning on AutoFill for faster form input 93Saving web site login passwords 94Adding web site passwords manually 97Getting More Out of Safari on Your iPhone 97Maintaining your privacy bydeleting the History list 97Deleting website data 98Browsing privately 99Changing the default search engine 100Searching web page text 100Searching the web with Siri voice commands 101Sharing a link via AirDrop 102Chapter 6 How Do I Maximize iPhone Email? 104Managing Your iPhone Email Accounts 106Adding an account by hand 106Specifying the default account 108Temporarily disabling an account 109Deleting an account 110Switching to another account 110Configuring Email Accounts 111Managing multiple devices by leaving messages on the server 111Fixing outgoing email problems by using a different server port 112Configuring authentication for outgoing mail 113Configuring Email Messages 114Creating iCloud message folders 114Attaching a file from iCloud Drive 115Formatting email text 115Creating a custom iPhone signature 116Disabling remote images in messages 117Preventing Mail from organizing messages by thread 118Maintaining messages with gestures 119Configuring Mail's swipe options 119Marking all messages as read 120Controlling email with Siri voice commands 120Chapter 7 How Do I Max Out My iPhone's Photo and Video Features? 122Taking Great iPhone Pictures 124Taking a basic photo 124Checking out the iPhone camera features 126Focusing the shot 127Locking the focus and exposure 128Shooting in low light with Night Mode 128Taking live photos 130Taking a portrait photo 130Taking a panoramic photo 132Changing the zoom level 133Changing the aspect ratio 134Applying a filter 135Taking a time-delayed photo 135Taking time-lapse photos 136Preventing blurry iPhone photos 136Getting More Out of iPhone Photos 137Scrolling, rotating, zooming, and panning photos 138Enhancing a photo 139Cropping and straightening 139Applying a filter 141Adjusting a photo's lighting 141Creating a photo album 142Getting More Out of iPhone Videos 143Recording video with an iPhone camera 143Setting the recording format for video and slo-mo 144Editing recorded video 145Playing iPhone videos on your TV 147Streaming iPhone video to Apple TV 148Mirroring the iPhone screen on your TV 148Chapter 8 Can I Use My iPhone to Manage Contacts and Appointments? 150Managing Your Contacts 152Creating a new contact 152Editing an existing contact 153Adding a photo to a contact 154Creating a custom label 154Managing contacts with Siri voice commands 155Tracking Your Events 156Adding an event to your calendar 156Editing an existing event 157Setting up a repeating event 157Converting an event to an all-day event 158Adding an alert to an event 158Controlling events with Siri voice commands 160Creating Reminders 161Setting a reminder for a specific time 162Setting a reminder for a specific location 163Creating a new list 164Completing a reminder 164Deleting a reminder 165Setting the default Reminders list 165Setting reminders with Siri voice commands 165Chapter 9 How Do I Use My iPhone to Navigate My World? 168Finding Your Way with Maps and GPS 170Searching for a destination 171Getting info about a destination 172Displaying your current location 172Seeing what's near you 174Displaying a map of a contact's location 174Mapping an address from an email 175Specifying a location when you don't know the exact address 176Getting directions to a location 177Getting more info about a location 179Controlling Maps with Siri voice commands 180Configuring Location Services 180Turning off location services 181Controlling app access to GPS 181Enabling or disabling system location services 182Sharing Map Data 183Chapter 10 How Do I Keep My Life in Sync with iCloud? 184Understanding iCloud 186Understanding iCloud System Support 187Configuring iCloud on Your iPhone 187Setting up your iCloud account on your iPhone 188Setting up iCloud synchronization on your iPhone 189Setting up and using Family Sharing 189Setting up iCloud Keychain 191Backing up your iPhone 192Managing your iCloud storage 192Changing your iCloud storage plan 194Upgrading to iCloud Drive 194Configuring iCloud on Your Mac 195Setting up an iCloud account on your Mac 195Setting up iCloud synchronization on your Mac 195Configuring iCloud on Your Windows PC 196Chapter 11 How Do I Fix My iPhone? 198General Techniques for Troubleshooting Your iPhone 200Troubleshooting connected devices 201Resetting the iPhone 202Erasing and restoring data and settings 204Updating software 205Taking Care of the iPhone Battery 205Tracking battery use 206Checking battery health 207Tips for extending battery life 208Solving Specific Problems 211The iPhone screen won't respond to taps 212Your battery won't charge 212You have trouble accessing a Wi-Fi network 212An app is taking up a large amount of space 214Index 218

McFedries, Paul
Paul McFedries has written nearly 100 books since 1991. His works have sold over four million copies worldwide. He is the author of Windows Portable Genius, iPad Portable Genius, 4th Edition, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 10, 3rd Edition, and G Suite for Dummies.Fun, hip, and straightforward, the Portable Genius series gives forward-thinking technology users helpful information in handy, compact books that are easy to navigate and don't skimp on the essentials. Collect the whole series and make the most of your digital lifestyle.

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