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Menvielle / Menvielle / Audrain-Pontevia The Digitization of Healthcare

New Challenges and Opportunities

Softcover Nachdruck of the original 1. Auflage 2017, 454 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 148 mm x 210 mm, Gewicht: 6341 g
ISBN: 978-1-349-95750-7
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK

Menvielle / Menvielle / Audrain-Pontevia The Digitization of Healthcare

Combining conceptual, pragmatic and operational approaches, this edited collection addresses the demand for knowledge and understanding of IT in the healthcare sector. With new technology outbreaks, our vision of healthcare has been drastically changed, switching from a ‘traditional’ path to a digitalized one. Providing an overview of the role of IT in the healthcare sector, The Digitization of Healthcare illustrates the potential benefits and challenges for all those involved in delivering care to the patient. The incursion of IT has disrupted the value chain and changed business models for companies working in the health sector, and also raised ethical issues and new paradigms about delivering care. This book illustrates the rise of patient empowerment through the development of patient communities such as PatientLikeMe, and medical collaborate platforms such as DockCheck, thus providing a necessary tool to patients, caregivers and academics alike.



Weitere Infos & Material

Part I: Digitalization of healthcare overview and outlook of a promising sector .-  1 - State of the Art of Healthcare- The cubism period (J-C. Mestre) .- 2 - Reshaping Health Care through mHealth: Lessons from the On-Demand Economy (Scarffe, A.D., Smith, A.D. , & Barrett, D) .- 3 - Tapping the full potential of e-health: business models need economic assessment frameworks (Christophe PASCAL) .- 4 - Reconfiguration of the regulation in health: a central role for the digitalization? (Thierry Garrot, Nathalie.Angele-Halgand) .- Part II - New challenges for the practice of medicine .- 5 - Formulating E-Health utilizing an ecological understanding .- (Grant P Cumming, Douglas McKendrick, Jamie Hogg, Tara French, Eva Kahanna, David Molik, Joanne S Luciano) .- 6 - Evaluations Frameworks for Health Virtual Communities (Christo El Morr , Linda Eftychiou) .- 7 - When Medicine is Becoming Collaborative: Social Networking Among Healthcare Professionals (Christine Thoër, Florence Millerand and Nina Duque) .- 8 - The design of online communities devoted to health and better living: Using social interaction features to foster online contributions (Sandrine Prom Tep, Aude Dufresne, Sylvain Sénécal) .- Part III - E-health and actual challenges .- 9 - Social Media Strategies in Healthcare (F. L Simon, L. Menvielle, M. Salvadore, F. Meurgey) .- 10 - Trust and Provenance in Communication to E-Health Consumers (Grant P Cumming, Tara French, Jamie Hogg, Douglas McKendrick, Heidi Gilstad, David Molik, Joanne S Lucian) .- 11 - Current perspectives on e-mental-health self-help treatments: Exploring the "black box" of public views, perceptions and attitudes toward the digitalization of mental healthcare. (Jennifer A. Apolinário-Hagen) .- 12 - Patient Communities : a new paradigm for medicine (William. Menvielle, Loick. Menvielle, Anne-Françoise Audrain-Pontevia) .- Part IV From M-Health to new perspectives at the digital age .- 13 - Big data and privacy: fundamentals of digital trust toward a digital skin (David Manset) .- 14 - Mobile Mental Health Virtual communities: Challenges and Opportunities (Linda Eftychiou, and Christo El Morr) .- 15 - M-Health & Smartphone Technologies and its impact on Patient Care and Empowerment (Melvyn WB Zhang, Roger CM Ho) .- 16 - Promoting Physical Exercice through Embodied Trainers: A Systematic Literature Review (Sergio Gago-Masague1 (Ph.D), Thomas M Chen2, Guann-Pyng Li3 (Ph.D) .- Part V - New Paradigm and Perspectives for Health in a digital age .- 17 - The new Art of Health - The hyper-realism period .- 18 - Cyber-threats in the healthcare industry (Bertrand Monnet, Philippe Very) .- 19 - The use of IT in the health sector: the legal reasons for international and European normative divergence (Lina Williatte) .- 20 - Ethical issues and Connected Health (Alain Loute, Jean-Philippe Cobbaut) .- 21 - Digitalization of Health: consequences on organizational structures and practices (Pierre Simon)

Menvielle, Loick
Loick Menvielle is an Associate Professor at EDHEC Business School, France, but also collaborates closely with researchers from Quebec University Network, Canada, and Columbia University, USA. He was consulted by the Haute Autorité de Santé (French National Authority for Health) as an expert concerning the digitalization of health. His current research projects deal with innovation in the healthcare sector, impact of IT and patients communities on the way of delivering care and their consequences on patients' perception and attitudes.Anne-Françoise Audrain-Pontevia is Professor of Marketing at Écoles des Sciences de la Gestion, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada (ESG-UQAM). Her research concentrates on relationship marketing with a secondary focus on healthcare and e-health management. Her research appears in numerous academic marketing journals and international conferences, and she regularly serves as a reviewer for major academic journals.William Menvielle is an Associate Professor in Marketing at the University of Quebec at Three-Rivers, Canada. He has published chapters, articles, conference papers and books with his research focused around online consumer behaviour. He received funds from the University of Quebec Network (FODAR) and grants from Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture (FRQSC).

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