Moreland | Between Text and Artifact | Buch | 978-90-04-12709-8 |

Buch, Englisch, Band 8, 246 Seiten, Gewicht: 598 g

Reihe: SBL - Archaeology and Biblical Studies


Between Text and Artifact

Integrating Archaeology in Biblical Studies Teaching

Buch, Englisch, Band 8, 246 Seiten, Gewicht: 598 g

Reihe: SBL - Archaeology and Biblical Studies

ISBN: 978-90-04-12709-8
Verlag: Brill Academic Publishers

'Between Text and Artifact' provides teachers of biblical studies all the tools needed to integrate the most recent archaeological information into their teaching and scholarship. Thirteen essays were commissioned for this project from archaeologists and biblical scholars who teach in undergraduate, graduate, and seminary settings. The essays give practical advice about the best available literature and audio-visual material in the field of archaeology related to the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, early Judaism, women in the ancient world, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. When viewed alongside biblical literature, the archaeological record can help create new knowledge of the items, environments, and landscapes in the Bible and of the political and social motivations for events described in the text.

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Weitere Infos & Material

Between Text and Artifact, Milton C. Moreland, Shannon Burkes, and Melissa Aubin
Between Heaven and Earth: Educational Perspectives on the Archaeology and Material Culture of the Bible, Ann E. Killebrew
Where the Girls Are: Archaeology and Women’s Lives in Ancient Israel, Carol Meyers
“These Are Your Gods, O Israel”: The Challenge of Reconstructing Israelite Religion Using Both Text and Archaeology, Beth LaRocca-Pitts
In Search of the Good Book: A Critical Survey of Handbooks on Biblical Archaeology, J. P. Dessel
Why Declare the Things Forbidden? Classroom Integration of Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology with Biblical Studies in Theological Context, Scott R. A. Starbuck
On The Convergence of Texts and Artifacts: Using Archaeology to Teach the Hebrew Bible, John C. H. Laughlin
Archaeology in New Testament Courses, Milton C. Moreland
Teaching Second Temple Judaism in Light of Archaeology, Eric M. Meyers
Text and Artifact: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran, Daniel Falk
Realizing Diversity: Reflections on Teaching Pagan Religion(s) in Late Hellenistic and Early Roman Palestine, Jürgen Zangenberg
“Here I Am at Khirbet Cana”: Integrating Biblical Studies and Archaeology, Byron R. McCane
Annotated Bibliography for Integrating Archaeology into Biblical Studies, Melissa Aubin
Index of Modern Authors

Milton C. Moreland, Ph.D. in New Testament and Christian Origins (1999), The Claremont Graduate University, is Assistant Professor of Religion at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. He has been the Area Supervisor for the past ten years with the Sepphoris Regional Project in Galilee, and is Managing Editor of The Critical Edition of Q.

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