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Narayanan / Siddharthan FDI, Technology and Innovation

1. Auflage 2020, 255 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 411 g
ISBN: 978-981-1536-13-7
Verlag: Springer Singapore

Narayanan / Siddharthan FDI, Technology and Innovation

This book concentrates on major changes that are now taking place in the fields of technology, foreign direct investment (FDI), trade and development strategies, with a particular focus on India. Arguably, these changes are likely to differ from those that the world has experienced over the past few decades; in particular, now that many countries have globalised their economies. The book begins by reviewing the changing pattern of FDI flows and technologies among developed and emerging economies, before identifying the determinants of this change by presenting specific studies on Indian industries. It then addresses key questions such as: How are knowledge spillover mechanisms operationalised, and what are the implications of the internationalisation of the IPR process? The role of FDI is also analysed in order to make policy recommendations for fostering innovation in emerging economies like India.

The respective chapters examine the process through which technological paradigm and trajectory shifts are taking place, the factors that facilitate such shifts, the changing pattern of FDI, and the shifting focus of international trade and development strategies – four broad themes that are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. The book offers important takeaways for all social scientists, technologists and business schools interested in Indian studies; it will also benefit researchers whose work involves development economics, industrial organisation and technology, and the economy / society interface.



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Country origin of FDI in India manufacturing and its impact on productivity spillover.- Knowledge spillover mechanisms.- Implications of International harmonization of IPR on growth, TFP and welfare.- Determinants of R&D Behavior of Foreign Firms in India.- Foreign Direct Investments and Environmental Policies: A Meta-Analysis.- Innovation and competition in Indian medium and high technology industries.- Interplay of market structure and technological capabilities: Story of consumer electronics in India.- Push Factors of Outward FDI - A Cross Country Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries.- Aggregate Fluctuations and Technological Shocks: The Indian Case.- FDI, Labor Market, and Welfare: How Inequality Navigate Welfare Loss?.

Narayanan, K.
N. S. Siddharthan is an Hon. Professor at the Madras School of Economics, Chennai, India; and President of the Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing. His current research interests include technology and globalisation, international economics, multinational corporations and industrial organisation. He has published several papers in journals such as The Economic Journal, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, The Journal of Development Studies, International Business Review, Indian Economic Review, and Sankhya. He has been invited as a guest editor of special issues for journals such as Science, Technology and Society and Innovation and Development. He has also published books with publishers such as Springer, Routledge, Oxford University Press, Macmillan, Allied, Academic Foundation and New Age International Publishers.  K. Narayanan is a Professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India, and pursued postdoctoral research at the Institute of Advanced Studies, United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan. His research interests span the areas of industrial economics, international business, socio-economic empowerment through ICT, environmental economics, the economic impacts of climate change and development economics. He has a number of publications on industrial competitiveness, technology transfer, ICT, international trade and the socio-economic impacts of climate change in various journals to his credit, including Research Policy, Journal of Regional Studies, Technovation, Oxford Development Studies, International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy and Economic and Political Weekly. His more recent publications include edited books such as "Globalisation of Indian Industries" (jointly edited with Filip De Beule) and "Globalisation of Technology" (jointly edited with N.S. Siddharthan), both published by Springer. He also guest-edited a special issue of IASSI Quarterly on the topic of "Human Capital and Development" and a special issue of Science, Technology and Society on "Agglomeration, Technology Clusters and Networks". He is currently Honorary Secretary of the Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing, which brings together scientists, technologists and economists.

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