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Paulet / Rowley China Business Model

Erscheinungsjahr 2017, 290 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 156 mm x 236 mm, Gewicht: 598 g
ISBN: 978-0-08-100750-1
Verlag: Elsevier Science & Technology

Paulet / Rowley China Business Model

The China Business Model: Originality and Limits emphasizes transformation of the Chinese Business Model over the last decades. The impact of the financial crisis on China helps the reader understand its evolution towards capitalism. Topics covered include CSR, leadership, and management in China, how do these organizations impact the performance of companies, the financing policy of Chinese firms and its evolution till the slowdown, finance and business in China, and how could the banking sector and/or the financial markets help the development of Chinese companies?

- Helps the reader understand the impact of the financial crisis on China and its evolution towards capitalism
- Contains coverage of CSR, leadership, and management in China
- Answers the question "how can financial markets help the development of Chinese companies?"

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1. Introduction: The China Business Model in Context - Setting the Scene Part I: Management and Culture 2. Guanxi Culture: How it Affects the Business Model of Chinese Firms 3. Interpreting China's Model for Business: Roles of Corruption, Favoritism, Reliability, and Responsibility 4. Evolution of Responsible and Sustainable Corporate Identity for Chinese Firms Part II: Financial Innovation and Application 5. The Equity Gap Amongst Technology-Based Small Firms: Practices and Challenges for Government-Backed Venture Capital in China 6. Assessing the Impact of the New Medical Reform on China's Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: The Case of Essential Medicines Distribution in Yuping, Luochan, and Minhang Regions 7. Exploring Manager-Employee-Heterophily (MEH) in US-Owned and Managed Plants in Taiwan Part III: Finance and Investment 8. Folk Lending and P2P: Monitoring Maturation in Chinese Financial Contracting 9. A New FDI Framework in the Chinese Services Industry 10. China versus India: Emerging Giants in the World Economy 11. Conclusion: Implications and What Can We Learn?

Paulet, Elisabeth
Elisabeth Paulet is Professor of Finance at ICN Business School in Nancy, France. She completed her PhD at the European University Institute of Florence and has held the Jean Monnet Chair in European Banking. Her main interests are in banking structures and financial policy of firms on historical and contemporary level. She has published several articles and books in this field.

Rowley, Chris
He is Editor of the leading journal Asia Pacific Business Review, Series Editor of the Working in Asia and Asian Studies book series. He has given a range of talks and lectures to universities and companies internationally with research and consultancy experience with unions, business and government. Professor Rowley has published widely in the area of HRM and Asian business, with over 500 articles, books and chapters and practitioner pieces.

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