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Petersmann / Harrison Reforming the World Trading System

Legitimacy, Efficiency, and Democratic Governance

Erscheinungsjahr 2005, 592 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 156 mm x 234 mm, Gewicht: 884 g Reihe: International Economic Law Series
ISBN: 978-0-19-928263-0
Verlag: OUP UK

Petersmann / Harrison Reforming the World Trading System

In-depth coverage of the fair trade vs free trade debate
- Focusses on the Doha Round which will dominate discussion of world trade in the coming years
- Uniquely combines the perspectives of leading scholars, practitioners, diplomats, and WTO officials

- Carlo Trojan: Foreword
- Notes on Contributors
- List of Abbreviations
- I WTO Negotiators and Academics Analyze the Doha Development Round of the WTO
- Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann: Overview and Summary of the Book
- II The Doha Development Round and the Future of the WTO: Policy Proposals
- 1 Peter Sutherland: The Doha Development Agenda: Political Challenges to the World Trading System - A Cosmopolitan Perspective
- 2 Faizel Ismael: A Development Perspective on the WTO July 2004 General Council Decision
- 3 Kenneth W. Dam: Cordell Hull, the Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act and the WTO
- III Building-Blocks for Concluding the Doha Round Negotiations on Agriculture
- 4 Stefan Tangermann: How to Forge a Compromise in the Agricultural Negotiations?
- 5 Stuart Harbinson: The Agricultural Negotiations: The Road from Doha and How to Keep the Negotiations on a Positive Track
- 6 Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann: Strategic Use of WTO Dispute Settlement Proceedings for Advancing WTO Negotiations on Agricultural Subsidies
- IV The Doha Round Negotiations on Services Trade
- 7 L. Alan Winters: Developing Country Proposals for the Liberalization of Movements of Natural Service Suppliers
- 8 J. Anthony VanDuzer: Navigating Between the Poles: Unpacking the Debate on the Implications for Development of GATS Obligations Relating to Health and Education Services
- 9 Joel P. Trachtman: Negotiations on Domestic Regulation and Trade in Services (Article VI GATS): A Legal Analysis of Selected Current Issues
- V Less-Developed WTO Members in the Doha Round Negotiations
- 10 Bernard Hoekman: Operationalizing the Concept of Policy Space in the WTO: Beyond Special and Differential Treatment of Developing Countries
- 11 Gregory Shaffer: Can WTO Technical Assistance and Capacity-Building Serve Developing Countries?
- 12 Marion Panizzon and Thomas Cottier: Developing Countries Interests and Negotiation Positions on Protection of Geographical Indications and Traditional Knowledge
- VI Are WTO Rules Adequately Protecting Consumer Welfare?
- 13 Petros Mavroidis: Come Together? Producer Welfare, Consumer Welfare and WTO Rules
- 14 Patrick Messerlin: Non-Discrimination, Welfare Balances and WTO Rules: An Historical Perspective
- 15 François Souty: Is There a Need for Additional WTO Competition Rules Promoting Non-Discriminatory Competition Laws and Competition Institutions in WTO Members?
- 16 Frederick M. Abbott: Are the Competition Rules in the WTO TRIPS Agreement Adequate?
- 17 Bijit Bora and E..M.Graham: Investment and the Doha Development Agenda
- VII Challenges to the Political Legitimacy of the WTO System
- 18 Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann: The "Human Rights Approach to International Trade" Advocated by UN Human Rights Bodies and by the International Labour Organization: Is it Relevant for WTO Law and Policy?
- 19 Gregory Shaffer: Parliamentary Oversight of WTO Rule-Making: The Political, Normative and Practical Contexts
- 20 David Skaggs: How Can Parliamentary Participation in WTO Rule-Making and Democratic Control Be Made More Effective in the WTO? A United States Congressional Perspective
- 21 Meinhard Hilf: How Can Parliamentary Participation in WTO Rule-Making and Democratic Control Be Made More Effective? The European Context
- 22 Erika Mann: A Parliamentary Dimension to the WTO - More than Just a Vision?
- 23 James Bacchus: A Few Thoughts on Legitimacy, Democracy and the WTO
- 24 Steve Charnovitz: The WTO and Cosmopolitics
- 25 Julio A. Lacarte: Transparency, Public Debate and Participaton by NGOs in the WTO: A WTO Perspective
- VIII WTO Decision-Making Procedures, 'Member-Driven' Rule-Making and WTO Consensus Practices: Are They Adequate?
- 26 Richard Blackhurst and David Hartridge: Improving the Capacity of WTO Institutions to Fulfil their Mandate
- 27 John S. Odell: Chairing a WTO Negotiation
- 28 Claus-Dieter Ehlermann and Lothar Ehring: Are WTO Decision-Making Procedures Adequate for Making, Revising and Implementing Worldwide and 'Plurilateral' Rules?
- 29 Gary Sampson: Is There a Need for Restructuring the Collaboration Among the WTO and UN Specialized Agencies so as to Harness their Complementarities?
- 30 Claus-Dieter Ehlermann and Lothar Ehring: Can the WTO Dispute Settlement System Deal with Competition Disputes?


Scholars and advanced students of international law, economics, and international relations, practitioners and officials working with Non-Governmental organizations.

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Harrison, James
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann is Professor of Law at the European University Institute, Florence.

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