Reis / Pinelas / Melão | Industrial Engineering and Operations Management II | Buch |

Reis / Pinelas / Melão Industrial Engineering and Operations Management II

XXIV IJCIEOM, Lisbon, Portugal, July 18-20

1. Auflage 2019, Band: 281, 272 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 156 mm x 242 mm, Gewicht: 574 g Reihe: Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
ISBN: 978-3-030-14972-7
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Reis / Pinelas / Melão Industrial Engineering and Operations Management II

Based on the 2018 International Joint Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IJCIEOM) conference that took place in Lisbon, Portugal, this proceedings volume is the first of two focusing on mathematical applications in digital transformation. The different contributions in this volume explore topics such as health care, social technologies, mathematical programming applications, public transport services, new product development, industry 4.0, occupational safety, quality control, e-services, risk management, and supply chain management. Written by renowned scientists from around the world, this multidisciplinary volume serves as a reference on industrial engineering and operations management and as a source on current findings for researchers and students who focus in business models, digital literacy and technology in education, logistics, production and information systems, and operations management.



Weitere Infos & Material

Veiga, G. L., de Lima, E. P., Deschamps, F., and Wollmann, R. R. G: Performance Measurement System to Continuously Improve a Brazilian Industrial Engineering Program: A Process to ABET Accreditation.- de Oliveira, M. R., Yanai, A. E., Moreira, D. S., de Souza, C. D., and de Castro, C. E. G: Internet of Things (IoT): technological indicators from patent analysis.- Duarte, Rafael., Gorte, Leticia., and Deschamps, F: Flexibility practices in disaster response - a process approach based evaluation.- Fuchigami, H. Y., Severino, M. R., Yamanaka, Lie., and de Oliveira, M. R: A literature review of mathematical programming applications in the fresh agri-food supply chain.- de Oliveira, M. R., Yamanaka, L., Severino, M. R., and Fuchigami, H. Y: A Bibliographic Review on Social Technologies.- Lalic, B., Ciric, D., Gracanin, D., Anisic, Z: The importance of education in enhancing the innovation capacity in Serbia.- Soares, J. C. V., Neto, A. S. S., de Souza, M. A., Brandão, V. B., and de Oliveira, A. M: Descriptive Evaluation in the Public Transport Service - A study about of the satisfaction of customers.- Oliveira, J., Nunes, M., and Afonso, P: New Product Development in the Context of Industry 4.0: Insights from the Automotive Components Industry.- Rivera, R, M, F., da Silva, J. T., Júnior, M. V., Berssaneti, F. T: Risk Analysis of a Scientific Conference Organization: A Brazilian Case.- Ozan, Erol.: QR Code based Signage to Support Automated Driving Systems on Rural Area Roads.- Lamas, J., Pimentel, C. M. O., and Matias, J. C. O: A Practical Study of the Application of Value Stream Mapping to a Pre-Series Production Area.- Lemos, L. F. M., Godina, R., and Matias, J. C.O: Implementation of a Software Program for the Optimi-zation of an Oil Pump Assembly Line.-Fernandes, J. P. R., Godina, R., and Matias, J. C.O: Evaluating the Impact of 5S Implementation on Occupational Safety in an Automotive Industrial Unit.- Ribeiro, I. M., Godina, R., and Matias, J. C.O: Improving the Availability of a Production Line through TPM in an Automotive Gearbox Industrial Unit.-Neves, A., Godina, R., Azevedo, S. G., and Matias, J. C.O: Environmental, Economic and Social Impact of Industrial Symbiosis: Methods and Indicators Review.- Guia, F. C. S., Godina, R., Matias, J. C. O: Continuous Improvement in an Industrial Unit of the Wood Industry through Kanban.-Godina, R. and Matias, J. C.O.: Quality Control in the Context of Industry 4.0.- Schulz, L., Fouto, N., Amorim, M., and Rodrigues, M: Aligning e-service attributes for hedonic and utilitarian consumption: an exploratory study in the context of consumer electronics.- Amorim, M., Rodrigues, M., and Fidalgo, C: Extracting Relevant Quality Dimensions from Online Customer Reviews in Accommodation Services.- Rampini, G. H. S., Berssaneti, F. T., and Saut, A. M: Insertion of risk management in quality management systems with the advent of ISO 9001: 2015: descriptive and content analyses.- Lelis, J. W. F., dos Santos, N. M. B. F., Akkari, A. C. S., and Munhoz, I. P: Occupational stress and job satisfaction among Brazilian managers: The case of commercial area.-Saavedra M. M. R., de O. Fontes, C. H., Soler T. V. A., and Freires, F. G. M: Exploring Complexity in Sustainable Biomass Supply Chain Management.-Lombardo, G. F.: Supply Chain Governance: A study in wineries from Brazil and Spain.-Murayama, R. C. B., Vieira, M. D., Filho, J. C. R., and Lima R. M. Productivity increase in a cellular battery line using Lean Kaizen and tools.- Souza, T. A., de Souza, M. C., Lima R. M, Pimenta, L. V. and Oliveira, M. S: Lean Healthcare Project Leader: A framework based on functions and competencies.


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