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Seebacher Cyber Commerce Reframing

The End of Business Process Reengineering?

2002, 236 Seiten, Gebunden, HC runder Rücken kaschiert, Format (B × H): 160 mm x 241 mm, Gewicht: 1180 g
ISBN: 978-3-540-42376-8
Verlag: Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Seebacher Cyber Commerce Reframing

The goal of this book is to create awareness for a change in mind-set that we will all have to face and go through. The necessity for this new mind­ set is being driven by the situation that a completely new business world, a new reality, is being created at the point where the phenomenon commonly referred to as the "new economy" converges with the well-known old economy. During the very late 1990s, this new reality was being driven by an almost incredible increase in yields in the financial markets, where conventional but value-driven and stable stocks such as Philip Morris, General Electric, or Bayer, did not attract as many investors as before - if we can call some of them investors at all. Companies in the high-tech or the new market segments are all part of the new economy. This new economy has created new business ideas, business models, and a new reality, in which chief executive officers (CEOs) were in the mid twenties and had basically no clue as to what real business is and how much a dollar counts. Now, as this convergence is happening, the painful reality and the business rules of the old economy get us back down to earth. The CEOs become more senior, business plans are validated more carefully, and just having the famous ". com" in your company name does not get you any further or lead you to any of required money.



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1: Cyber-Commerce Reframing: A New Paradigm?.- The Cyber-Economy.- The Upcoming Cyber-Challenge.- BPR: The Shortcomings.- Reframing, Not Optimizing.- Cyber-Commerce Reframing: The Approach.- The New Role of Information Technology.- The Human Resource Challenge.- CCR for Which Companies?.- Cyber-Assessment as the Starting Point.- CCR Case Studies.- 2: The Cyber-Economy.- The Development of IT in the Context of the Internet.- The World Wide Web (WWW) and Its Implications.- The Evolution of the Cyber-Economy.- The Definition of Cyber (C-)Commerce.- Changing Environmental Factors.- Electronic-Commerce.- Mobile Commerce.- Television Commerce.- Pervasive Commerce.- 3: The Upcoming Cyber-Challenge.- Cyber-Challenge: Dreams and Reality.- B2C: The Cyber-Flop.- Yet Another Cyber-Debacle: B2B.- Human Resources: The Cyber-Key.- The Financial Imperative.- 4: BPR: The Shortcomings.- The Basic Framework for Reengineering.- The Managerial Roots of Reengineering.- The Reengineering Story.- BPR and the Merging Paradigm Shift.- The BPR and ERP Success Story.- BPR Will Not Save the New Economy.- BPR and the Technical Shortcomings.- BPR and Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM).- 5: Reframing, Not Optimizing.- Talking about Optimization.- The Limitations of ISO 9000.- The Limitations of Total Quality Management (TQM).- The Limitations of Six Sigma.- The Limitations of Operations Research.- The "Pareto Rule" as a Test of the Limitations of Optimization Activities.- CCR versus Optimization and Reengineering.- 6: Cyber-Commerce Reframing: The Approach.- The Praetorians of CCR.- The Issues with Surveys and Opinions.- Awareness as a Facilitator for Understanding CCR.- Bad Experience for Good Stuff.- The Dimension-Impact Matrix (DIM) of CCR.- The Structure of CCR.- The CCR Horizontals.- Conclusion.- 7: The New Role of Information Technology.- The "E-volution" of IT.- The Driving Economic Role of IT.- Trends and Observations.- Special, Technological Requirements for CCR.- CCR - Understanding of Application Architecture in Iterated Markets.- CCR Framework for Analysis of IT System Components.- Analyzing the IT Side of Web Solutions Using the Framework.- Cluster Computing as Enabler for CCR.- 8: The Human Resource Challenge.- Setting the Agenda.- Modified Organizational Structures.- Developing and Maintaining Human Capital in the Cyber-Economy.- Cyber Competences and Capabilities.- Evaluating HR Initiatives and People in the Cyber-Economy.- 9: CCR: For Which Companies?.- Successful CCR Implementations of the Past Leading the Way.- Different Departments: One CCR Approach Used.- Are CCR Projects Suitable for All Industries?.- CCR: Helping all C-Business Initiatives to Be Successful?.- CCR in the Area of E-Procurement.- CCR and E-Selling.- CCR and Customer Relationship Management.- CCR and the E-Marketplace.- CCR and E-Billing.- CCR Mythology for All Companies - for All Purposes?.- 10: Cyber-Assessment as a Starting Point.- Cyber-Assessment: The Methodology.- Module One: Industry Analysis.- Module Two: Internal Analysis.- Module Three: Analysis and Evaluation of Cyber-Commerce Projects and Options.- Module Four: Strategic Recommendation for Decision-Making.- Case Study: eZoka Group.- SupplierLinx: CCR in the Area of Collaborative e-Procurement.- The Strategy.- The Process.- The Technology.- The People.- Conclusion.- Case Study: Multi-national IT Company.- CCR in the Area of Procurement.- The Strategy.- The Process.- The Technology.- The People.- The Results.- The Future.- Case Study: US-Based Internet Start-up.- CCR Helping Internet Start-ups to Grow up.- The Assessment.- The Strategy.- The Process.- The Technology.- The People.- The Future.- Epilogue.- Further Reading.

Seebacher, Uwe G.
Dr. Uwe G. Seebacher, Unternehmer, Berater, Buchautor und Dozent an nationalen als auch internationalen Business Schools. Als Vorstand der Mental Wellness Company hat er die Entwicklungen in diesem Bereich seit 2003 maßgeblich geprägt und Unternehmen in diesem Bereich betreut. Der Online-Manager-Mentaltest wurde von ihm konzipiert und realisiert.

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