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Sgroi, Jr. The Innovative Lean Machine: Synchronizing People, Branding, and Strategy to Win in the Marketplace

1. Auflage 2014, 264 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 180 mm x 254 mm, Gewicht: 640 g
ISBN: 978-1-4822-4527-1

Sgroi, Jr. The Innovative Lean Machine: Synchronizing People, Branding, and Strategy to Win in the Marketplace

In order for an organization to thrive in a competitive business environment, its strategy, people, and branding must be fully optimized. The Innovative Lean Machine: Synchronizing People, Branding, and Strategy to Win in the Marketplace explains how to use Lean principles and visual tools to maximize these core components in any business.The book demystifies theory with examples of the various visual tools any organization can rely on during the idea generation, product development, and branding processes. Filled with easy-to-follow graphics, charts, and tables, the text provides a simple, yet effective, series of visual frameworks that readers can immediately apply with little or no difficulty.Describing how to ensure your business planning reflects what is most valuable to your customers, this resource presents the insights of a creative thought process that drives innovative solutions. It considers the key aspects of Lean that can help you drive innovation in the development of your organization’s branding, strategy, and in the selection and management of its people. It also includes discussions on the characteristics of highly effective and trustworthy people.After reading this book, you will better understand how to use Lean tools to build a stronger brand, build better market strategies, and identify and retain effective people. You will also gain an understanding of what it takes to align all organizational activities to ensure maximum value for your customers while relentlessly driving out waste.


Senior leaders, performance improvement practitioners, change management practitioners, project managers, strategic planners, company owners, presidents and vice presidents; those seeing a visual aid in analyzing and communication information; anyone responsible for delivering customer value.


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An Effective BusinessIntroductionBranding: A Credible SourceStellar PeopleStrategyCreative InnovationA Highly Effective OrganizationThe Creative–Innovative SqueezeThe Synchronized OrganizationEffectiveness: The Strategic MoveConclusionBRANDING: CREATING AND SUSTAINING A CREDIBLE AND REPUTABLE SOURCEVisual BrandingIntroduction The First Parameter of Branding The Second Parameter of Branding The Third Parameter of Branding The Fourth Parameter of BrandingThe Branding Icon Four Steps of DifferentiationConclusionBeing FirstIntroductionPeople Remember the "First-To"Mindshare Is KeyOwning a Word or ConceptFocusing on a SubcategoryImitation BarriersBecoming a Generic If You Are the Category Leader If You Are a FollowerConclusionBrand FocusIntroductionLine ExtensionsFocus on a Single AttributeFocus on Being the Low-Cost ProviderFocus on Premium ProductsFocus on Incredible Customer ServiceQuality and ReliabilityKeep It SimpleConclusionEffective Brand CommunicationIntroductionThe Oversimplified MessageOne-Word CommandsPower of the Name (a Brand Is Only a Word)SlogansThe Logo (Shape Matters)Promote the CategoryRepositioningSticky CommunicationsAdvertisingConclusionBrand CredentialsIntroductionEndorsementsThe First to Understanding the Unique Selling PositionDemonstrating the DifferenceBeing the Market LeaderHighest QualityOwning a NicheHeritageBeing the Best in ClassAttribute OwnershipTechnology OwnershipConclusionEFFECTIVE PEOPLE: IDENTIFY AND EMPOWER THEMThe Cross-Functional EntrepreneurThe Cross-Functional Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial System Designer Teams of Responsible Experts The Four Traits of Stellar PeopleThe First Parameter of Stellar PeopleThe Second Parameter of Stellar PeopleThe Third Parameter of Stellar PeopleThe Fourth Parameter of Stellar PeopleThe People IconConclusionCompetence and Character: The Core of Trust and LeadershipIntroductionCompetence: A Skilled ContributorTrustThe First Wave of Trust Character: Core 1—Integrity Character: Core 2—Intent Competence: Core 3—Capabilities Competence: Core 4—ResultsThe Second Wave of Trust Leadership Creativity Customer Understanding Technology Understanding Internal and External Negotiation Prioritization Execution The Unscattered Thinker Ideating around Nonwork Activities Attitude Passion Simplistic Continual Improvement Team Player ConfidenceConclusionTools and PurposeIntroductionTools Basics Nice-to-Haves The Greatest Gadgets Safe Work Environment SoftwarePeople ResourcesFinancial ResourcesPurposeful Environment CandorPurposeful Management SystemsExpectation of Company ObjectivesManagement ConsistencyMentoring and CoachingPay and IncentiveConclusionSTRATEGY: KEEP IT CONSISTENT WITH THE BRANDVisual StrategyIntroductionThe First Parameter of Strategy Functional Solutions Utility EmotionThe Second Parameter of StrategyThe Third Parameter of StrategyThe Fourth Parameter of StrategyThe Strategy IconStrategy: The What, Who, and HowConclusionA Qualitative View of StrategyIntroductionThe Five-Slide Approach in Finding the Big Idea Discussion Questions for Slide One Discussion Questions for Slide Two Discussion Questions for Slide Three Discussion Questions for Slide Four Discussion Questions for Slide FiveMarketing Concepts Finding and Filling Needs Responsive Marketing Anticipative Marketing Need-Shaped Marketing Supplying Products in Short Supply Supplying Improved Products "Must-Be" Requirements One-Dimensional Requirements Attractive Requirements Supplying Products New to the WorldConclusionA Quantitative View of StrategyIntroductionFunctional Solutions: UtilityEmotionVisual Depiction of Products and Product FeaturesConclusionA Study of Function and EmotionIntroductionA Quick Review of ValueBrief Review of Function and EmotionFunctional Aspects Doing a Job Better Doing a Job Faster Doing a Job More Easily Doing a Job More Safely Providing More Convenience Providing a Solution to Highly Skilled Tasks Providing a Solution That Requires Specialized ToolsEmotional AspectsConclusionPUTTING IT ALL TOGETHERBuilding Effective TeamsIntroductionThe Team of Responsible ExpertsRoles of the Project Leader (ESD) ESDs Understand CustomersThe Four Behavior Styles The Four Styles Analytical Driver Amiable ExpressiveConclusionAligning Business ActivitiesIntroductionThe Core Competence and Competitive AdvantageThe Synchronized Organization: Aligning Brand Position to Market StrategyThe Individual Aligning ActivitiesCreating Icons Aligned to a Relevant Market ConditionConclusionEpilogueNotesIndex

Sgroi Jr, Anthony
Anthony Sgroi, Jr., is a broadly experienced innovative thinker with a rare combination and proven track record in the disciplines related to customer fulfillment. Mr. Sgroi is highly experienced in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, and law, with a strong understanding of marketing and business strategy. He has considerable experience in defining value-added customer offerings utilizing the principles of Lean product development.Mr. Sgroi has worked for many well-known companies in the areas of product development. He has developed a multitude of products that are currently on the market today. Mr. Sgroi began his career in the areas of product design and procurement. After successfully launching several products, he decided to broaden his skill set by studying business, where he acquired a strong interest in marketing and strategy. This understanding allowed him to make strong contributions across the various disciplines of business. Understanding the level of importance and to differentiate himself further, Mr. Sgroi successfully passed the patent bar, where he is admitted to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office regarding patent matters. He is the holder of numerous patents, with several pending in the areas of compressed butane lighters, hydrogen generating devices for fuel cells, and various inventions related to cleaning tools.Mr. Sgroi has several forms of hands-on experience and multiple degrees from the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut. His degrees are in physics and mechanical engineering, and he graduated magna cum laude. He also holds a master’s degree in business administration. He is the author of The Innovative Lean Enterprise.

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