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Tagliareni Teaching with ACE.S

A Faculty Guide

1. Auflage 2016, 224 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 156 mm x 229 mm, Gewicht: 218 g
ISBN: 978-1-934758-27-4
Verlag: Wolters Kluwer

Tagliareni Teaching with ACE.S

Awarded third place in the 2017 AJN Book of the Year Awards in Gerontologic Nursing.

How can nurse educators creatively use evolving knowledge of care of older adults to effectively teach individualized, person-centered care for this vulnerable population?

This unique guide to curriculum development—built on the evidence-based, theoretical ACE.S framework—provides educator-ready strategies to integrate teaching care of older adults in creative ways.  

The book is filled with exemplars of how faculty—many of them NLN Hearst Foundations Award winners—applied the ACE.S framework to their unique curricula. Nurse educators using this resource can study the underpinnings of the ACE.S framework as a foundation for their use of the free resources provided on the NLN website (www.nln.org/ACES).
“To the nurse educators who have the opportunity in these pages to learn about ACE.S, teach the underlying academic theory, and expose students to the unfolding cases and simulations, the Hearst Foundations are grateful to you for your commitment to nursing education and to preparing the next generation of this noble workforce to care for older adults.”
George B. Irish
Eastern Director, Hearst Foundations
New York, New York


Weitere Infos & Material

About the Editor iv
About the Contributors v
Foreword xiii
Preface xiv
Acknowledgments: ACE.S Project Faculty and Staff (2009–2016) xvi

Section 1 The ACE.S Framework: Theoretical Foundations 1

Chapter 1 Quality Care for Older Adults: The NLN Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACE.S) Project 3
Chapter 2 A Concept Analysis of Individualized Aging 15
Chapter 3 Complexity of Care: A Concept Analysis of Older Adult Health Care Experiences 31
Chapter 4 A Concept Analysis of Vulnerability During Transitions 43
Chapter 5 Gerontological Nursing Content in General Medical/Surgical Textbooks: Where Is It? 55
Chapter 6 Integrating QSEN and ACE.S: An NLN Simulation Leader Project 67
Chapter 7 ACE.S Program Evaluation: Faculty Use of the ACE.S Concepts and Resources 73

Section 2 Application of ACE.S: Teaching and Research 85

Chapter 8 ACE.S Teaching Resources for Classroom, Simulation and Clinical Practice 87
Chapter 9 Enhancing Clinical Reasoning Through Simulation Debriefing: A Multisite Study 95
Chapter 10 Clinical Application of ACE.S and the ACE.S Design Tree 107
Chapter 11 ACE.S Unfolding Case Simulations Redesigned to Address Family Nursing Care Competencies for Older Adults 113
Chapter 12 Thinking Like a Nurse: Optimizing Clinical Judgment and Reasoning Through the ACE.S Unfolding Cases 123
Chapter 13 A One-Day Geriatric Seminar Using ACE.S Resources 129
Chapter 14 Helping Students Process a Simulated Death Experience: Integration of an NLN ACE.S Evolving Case Study and the ELNEC Curriculum 133

Tagliareni, Elaine
M. Elaine Tagliareni, EdD, RN, CNE, FAAN is currently a Chief Program Officer and Director of the NLN Center for Excellence in Care of Vulnerable Populations at the National League for Nursing, Washington, DC. For over 25 years Dr. Tagliareni was a Professor of Nursing and the Independence Foundation Chair in Community Health Nursing Education at Community College of Philadelphia. She also served as President of the NLN from 2007-2009; in that position she worked to re-frame the dialogue concerning entry into practice to focus on developing and supporting models that increase the academic progression of all nursing graduates, from LPN to baccalaureate to masters’ and doctoral programs, to build a more diverse and educated workforce. In her role as Independence Foundation Chair, she has served as president of the National Nursing Centers Consortium (NNCC) to advance state and federal health policy to include nurse managed health centers as essential safety net providers for older adults and other vulnerable populations.
Dr. Tagliareni has a long history of organizational leadership and grant funded initiatives, funded through the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health, The John A. Hartford Foundation, Independence Foundation and the Independence Blue Cross Foundation and  to advance nursing practice and education, increase diversity of the nursing workforce and promote educational mobility for all nurses through the creation, implementation, and dissemination of new educational models.  From 2012-2015 she was the PI on a Hearst Foundations funded project to disseminate the NLN Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors (ACE.S) program to faculty nationally. 
Dr. Tagliareni received her BSN from Georgetown University School of Nursing, a master’s degree in Mental Health and Community Nursing from the University of California, San Francisco, and her doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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