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Taniguchi City Logistics: Modelling, Planning and Evaluation

1. Auflage 2017, 198 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 152 mm x 226 mm, Gewicht: 522 g
ISBN: 978-1-138-06023-4

Taniguchi City Logistics: Modelling, Planning and Evaluation

This volume on city logistics presents recent advances of modelling urban freight transport as well as planning and evaluating city logistics policy measures in the academic research areas and practices. The contributions of eleven chapters have come from eight countries, including Japan, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brazil. As city logistics aims at creating efficient and environmental-friendly urban freight transport systems, these chapters deal with challenging urban freight transport problems from various point of views of the usage of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), multi-agent modelling, public–private partnerships, and the disaster consideration.
This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of Urban Sciences.


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1. Introduction
2. Application of exact route optimization for the evaluation of a city logistics truck ban scheme Ali Gul Qureshi, Eiichi Taniguchi, Russell G. Thompson and Joel S.E. Teo
3. Ontology-based multi-agent system for urban freight transportation Nilesh Anand, Ron van Duin and Lori Tavasszy
4. Multi-agent systems modelling approach to evaluate urban motorways for city logistics J.S.E. Teo, E. Taniguchi and A.G. Qureshi
5. A location-based accessibility analysis to estimate the suitability of urban consolidation facilities Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu, Josep-Maria Salanova Grau and Adrien Beziat
6. City logistics through the canals? A simulation study on freight waterborne transport in the inner-city of Amsterdam J.H.R. van Duin, R. Kortmann and S.L. van den Boogaard
7. City logistics long-term planning: simulation of shopping mobility and goods restocking and related support systems Agostino Nuzzolo, Antonio Comi and Luca Rosati
8. Model of debris collection operation after disasters and its application in urban area Andie Pramudita and Eiichi Taniguchi
9. London 2012: changing delivery patterns in response to the impact of the Games on traffic flows Michael Browne, Julian Allen, Ian Wainwright, Andrew Palmer and Ian Williams
10. Developing a local research strategy for city logistics on an academic campus Thomas Hagen Zunder, Paulus Teguh Aditjandra and Bruce Carnaby
11. Collaboration in urban logistics: motivations and barriers Lindawati, Johan van Schagen, Mark Goh and Robert de Souza
12. An estimation of freight flow using secondary data: a case study in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) Leise Kelli de Oliveira and Lílian dos Santos Fontes Pereira

Taniguchi, Eiichi
Eiichi Taniguchi is Professor of Transport and Logistics in Department of Urban Management, Kyoto University. His research centres on City Logistics and urban freight modelling. He developed vehicle routing and scheduling with time windows models and multi-agent models for evaluating city logistics policy measures.

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