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Thompson / DiTomaso Ensuring Minority Success in Corporate Management

Softcover Nachdruck of the original 1. Auflage 1988, 414 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 178 mm x 254 mm, Gewicht: 779 g Reihe: Springer Studies in Work and Industry
ISBN: 978-1-4684-5519-9
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Thompson / DiTomaso Ensuring Minority Success in Corporate Management

To be a corporate executive in America is to achieve a universally recognized measure of personal and professional success. The high income, privilege, prestige, and authority enjoyed by most corporate executives all attest to "making it." That is why the advancement of racial and ethnic minorities into the executive suite is one of the key barometers of the nation's progress toward full equality of opportunity. But the quest for equal opportunity in corporate management has been difficult and frustrating. Black, Hispanic, and Asian men and women are rarely found among those who run or significantly influence the direction of American corporations. The wide gap between the expectation and the reality is a continuing topic of interest to business leaders and racial and ethnic minorities, as well as to scholars of the business scene. This book edited by Thompson and DiTomaso contributes significantly to our understanding of this problem, and, most importantly, provides useful guidelines on what to do about it. Interest in the diversity of corporate management comes at a time of unprecendented challenge to United States success in the world economy. American business must now compete against aggressive producers and fi­ nanciers in Western Europe and Japan. More competition also has emerged from some of the rapidly developing countries in Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Our ability to design, manufacture, sell, and export goods and services in a global marketplace will increasingly determine our standard of living and prominence on the world stage.



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I. Introduction.- 1 Minority Success in Corporate Management.- I. Making It in the Minority Community.- II. Understanding Who Is a Minority.- A. Blacks.- B. Hispanics.- C. Asian-Americans.- III. Issues for Minority Women.- IV. The Legal Requirements of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.- V. Two Stories about Minority Advancement in Management Careers.- VI. References.- II. Just How Far Have We Come?.- 2 Sources of Minority Underrepresentation in Corporate Employment.- I. Educational Attainment.- A. Survivorship Rates.- B. Continuation Ratios.- C. Field of Specialization.- II. Occupational Patterns.- III. Enhancing Minority Opportunity for Corporate Careers.- IV. References.- 3 Employment Prospects for Minority Women.- I. The Female Labor Force: Demographic Characteristics.- II. Occupational Distribution and Composition of the Female Labor Force in 1980.- III. Women's Earnings in 1980.- IV. Conclusion.- V. References.- 4 Minority and Nonminority MBA Progress in Business.- I. Results.- A. Study I.- B. Study II.- C. Study III.- II. Conclusion.- III. References.- 5 Racism and Sexism in Corporate America: Still Not Color- or Gender-Blind in the 1980s.- I. Racism and Sexism Defined.- II. The Development of Racist and Sexist Attitudes and Behaviors.- III. Racist Stereotypes about Minority Employees.- IV. Sexist Stereotypes.- V. Race Discrimination in Corporate America: A Historical View.- VI. Race Discrimination in Present-Day Corporate America, 1984-1985.- VII. Gender Discrimination: A Historical Perspective.- VIII. Gender Discrimination in 1984-1985.- IX. Conclusion.- A. Training.- B. Equal Opportunity Emphasis.- X. References.- 6 The Changing Agenda: New Era, New Perspectives.- I. Tokenism.- II. Racial Turbulence.- III. Backlash.- IV. The Open Future.- V. References.- III. Defining The Critical Issues: Problems And Concerns.- 7 Corporate Perspectives on the Advancement of Minority Managers.- I. Results: The Corporate Perspective on Problems Hindering Minority Success.- A. Organizational Policies and Practices.- B. Relationships of Minority Managers with Others.- C. Preparation of Minority Managers.- II. Conclusion.- III. References.- 8 A Summary of Small-Group Discussions on the Advancement of Minority Managers: Perspectives of Academics and Experienced Managers.- I. Problems and Issues as Defined by Small Groups.- II. Factors That Hinder the Success of Minority Managers.- 9 Perspectives of Current and Recent MBA Students on Advancement in Management Careers.- I. Family Background.- II. Education.- A. Primary and Secondary School.- B. College.- III. Work Experience and Career Aspirations.- A. Work Experience.- B. Career Aspirations.- IV. What Will Help Most, What Will Hinder Most, and What Would They Wish for If They Could?.- V. The View of Oneself as a Minority Person in the Post-Civil-Rights Era.- VI. Other Issues.- VII. Conclusion.- IV. Finding Solutions: Coming To Grips With The Issues.- 10 Making It in the Corporation: Retrospectives of Successful Minority Managers.- I. Personal Issues: Attitudes and Values.- II. Personal Issues: Preparation for Success.- III. Professional Issues.- The Fast Track or the Right Track?.- I. Money.- II. Time Frame.- III. Risk.- Getting and Using Power.- Learning to Communicate.- The Value of the Right Coach.- Using Opportunities.- Learning to Fit In.- Learning Corporate Culture.- Making a Way.- Accentuating the Positive.- Preparing for Responsibility.- 11 Corporate Programs for Ensuring Minority Advancement.- Shifting Structures.- An Affirmative Action Advisory Committee.- Executive Accountability.- Black Cultural Orientation: Management Mobility and Productivity.- I. The Challenge.- II. Shared Views.- A. A Sense of the Lack of Entitlement and Empowerment.- B. Intensity of Emotion-Controlled Rage.- C. Heavy Identification with the Oppressed, the Underclass, and the Subordinate.- D. Preoccupation with Race and Racism.- III. Implications for Corporate America.- A. The Employer Level.- B.


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