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Tinnirello Project Management

1. Auflage 2017, 506 Seiten, Gebunden, Gewicht: 426 g Reihe: CRC Press Revivals
ISBN: 978-1-138-10562-1
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Tinnirello Project Management

Project Management covers the full range of issues of vital concern to IT managers working in today's hurry-up, budget-conscious business environment. The handbook provides valuable advice and guidance on how to get projects finished on-time, within budget, and to the complete satisfaction of users, whether a high-tech, low-tech, financial, manufacturing, or service organization. Project Management Handbook brings together contributions from an all-star team of more than 40 of experts working at leading enterprise organizations and consulting firms across America, and around the world. With the help of dozens of fascinating and instructive case studies and vignettes, reporting experiences in a wide range of business sectors, those experts share their insights and experience and extrapolate practicable guidelines and actions steps that project managers can put to work on their current projects.


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Introduction Section I Project Management Essentials 1 Seven Steps for Highly Effective Project Management Nancy Blumenstalk Mingus 2 Effective Systems Development: The Experts Advise Tom L. Roberts, Jr., Michael L. Gibson, and William N. Ledbetter 3 Project Management: A Structured Framework Howard W. Miller 4 Collecting Project Information Ralph L. Kliem 5 Risk Management: The Safety Net for Project Schedules and Budgets Polly Perryman 6 Guidelines for Making and Using Project Estimates Larry D. Runge 7 A Model for Estimating Small-Scale Software Development Abbas Heiat 8 Strategic Planning for Acquiring and Managing Computer Resources Robert DeMichiell 9 Large-Scale IS Project Management Erwin Martinez Section II Managing Business Relationships 1 Corporate Lessons for the IS Manager Robert E. Umbaugh 2 Partnership: The Key to Successful Systems Development in a TQM Company Christine B. Tayntor 3 Linking Project Outcomes to Customer Needs Richard H. Deane, Tomas B. Clark, and A.P. (Dennis) Young 4 Managing End-User Development in a Client/Server Environment John Windsor, Leon A. Kappelman, and Carl Stephen Guynes 5 Managing User-Driven Systems Development Kwasi Amoaka-Gyampah and Kathy B. White 6 Tips for Effectively Managing User Expectations During System Development Dana T. Edberg and Fritz H. Grupe 7 Project Team Work: How To Make It Happen James R. Coleman 8 Team Building for IS Success Raghu Nath and Albert L. Lederer 9 Survival Skills for the Information Systems Professional Clinton O. Longenecker, Jack L. Simonetti, and Mark Mulias 10 Assessing Customer Perceptions Naomi Karten Section III Effectively Managing Outsourced Projects 1 Outsourced Systems Development Raoul J. Freeman 2 Applications Maintenance Outsourcing Joseph Judenberg 3 Outsourcing Network Management and Information Systems Nathan J. Muller 4 Certification of Externally Developed Software Craig A. Schiller 5 Audit and Control of Information Systems Outsourcing S. Yvonne Scott 6 Improving IT Performance as an Outsourcing Alternative Richard D. Hays 7 Contracting with Consultants for Computer Services David M. Massey Section IV Managing Special Projects 1 SAP Implementation and Control Frederick Gallegos and Loida Tison-Dualan 2 Keeping Client/Server Projects on Track with Project Management Ralph L. Kliem 3 Project Management Solutions for the Year 2000 Crisis Ralph L. Kliem 4 Disaster Recovery Planning Tools and Management Options Jon William Toigo 5 Reengineering Methodologies and Tools Mark M. Klein 6 Controlling Major Systems Integration Projects Steve Mar 7 An Object-Oriented Strategy for Reintegrating IS into Mainstream Management Richard W. Koontz 8 Economic Evaluation of Data Warehouse Projects Duncan M. Witte Section V Measuring and Improving Project Management Success 1 Evaluating Project Performance Ralph L. Kliem and Irwin S. Ludin 2 Completing Project Successfully James A. Ward 3 Creating and Implementing a Balanced Measurement Program Dana T. Edberg 4 Negotiating Conditions for Project Success Stanley H. Stahl 5 Continuous Process Improvement in Systems Development Robert F. Kniestadt and Pamela A. Hager 6 Assessing and Improving the Software Developing Process Roger S. Pressman 7 Improving Productivity Strategically and Tactically Stanley H. Stahl

Tinnirello, Paul C
Paul C. Tinnirello is currently a Business Engineeringand Business Architect Consultant focusing on Entrepreneurial Leadership and Project Management Excellence. He is retired as the Executive Director of the A.M. Best Company Inc, Oldwick NJ, where he worked for over 35 years. A.M. Best Company is the oldest Insurance Rating & Information Provider for the Insurance Industry. Paul's previous experience includes AT&T, DuPont Chemical, IFF and other positions in the electronics industry and academic community. He is a recipient of the NJIT Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award and has published numerous books, articles and papers on Information Technology & Management (see list on Published Works page). Paul has also served on numerous academic advisory boards as well as serving as editorial consultant for leading trade publications in the Information Technology industry. Paul has spent considerable time lecturing at conferences including significant hours instructing at the graduate, undergraduate & secondary levels of education.

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