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Trinko AppleScript For Dummies 2e

Collectors Ed/, 416 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 191 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 766 g
ISBN: 978-0-7645-7494-8
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons

Trinko AppleScript For Dummies 2e

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Introduction.Part I: Getting Started.Chapter 1: A Cannonball Dive into the Scripting Pool.Chapter 2: AppleScript Basics without Stomach Acid.Chapter 3: Writing a Script without Ink.Part II: All You Ever Needed to Know about AppleScript You Learned in Part II.Chapter 4: Values: Different Types of Information.Chapter 5: Variables: Data Cupboards.Chapter 6: Operators: Math without Mistakes.Chapter 7: References: Being Picky about Data.Chapter 8: Commands: Ordering AppleScript Around.Chapter 9: I/O (I Owe) without Credit Cards.Chapter 10: If: Letting Your Computer Make Decisions So You Can Blame It Later.Chapter 11: Repeat: Going in Circles for Fun and Profit.Chapter 12: Try: Dealing with Problems without Crashing.Chapter 13: Handlers: Organizing Your Script.Chapter 14: Properties: Storing Data for Awhile.Chapter 15: Deploying Scripts: Cool Ways to Access Scripts.Chapter 16: Autonomous Scripts: Working Unsupervised.Chapter 17: Taking Charge of Applications.Chapter 18: Debugging: Fixing Problems without DDT.Chapter 19: Scripting Additions: Taking AppleScript to New Heights.Chapter 20: Script Objects: Recycling Scripts for a Healthy Environment.Chapter 21: Miscellaneous Advanced Stuff.Part III: How to Control the World--or at Least Some Common Programs.Chapter 22: Finder/System Tricks without Touching the Mouse.Chapter 23: Business Applications and Microsoft Office 2004.Chapter 24: Layout and Graphics Applications.Chapter 25: Scripting the Web.Chapter 26: Scripting iLife.Chapter 27: GUI Scripting.Part IV: The Part of Tens.Chapter 28: More Than Ten Scriptable Applications.Chapter 29: More Than Ten Scripting Resources.Index.

Born in Chicago, Tom Trinko has lived a deprived life, never once having butchered a hog. In an attempt to improve the quality of life in Chicago, he pursued his higher education in Pasadena, California, at Cal Tech. He moved to Wisconsin for the better climate and picked up his PhD in physics, graduating with the official title of mad scientist. His first smart move was marrying a woman who worked at Apple and who had an Apple IIe. With that, he was able to extend his professional programming career, which began in 1972, to home computers. His long-suffering wife brought a Mac home in 1984, which marked the start of Tom's enthusiasm for the only OS for people who want to get work done. He's ordered the Mac around in Basic, Forth, C, Pascal, and about a billion or so scripting languages. Back when Apple didn't know any better, he did contract work for Apple's Developer University. In real life, he works on other platforms, ranging from supercomputers to UNIX workstations, which continually remind him of how spiffy the Mac really is. His current main objective in life is staying more computer literate than his kids.

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