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Ubanako / Anderson

Crossing Linguistic Borders in Postcolonial Anglophone Africa

1, 360 Seiten
ISBN: 978-1-4438-6658-3
Verlag: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

The papers collected in this volume discuss applied, pedagogical and ideological issues related to language use in selected countries in post-colonial Anglophone Africa. The collection represents new voices in linguistics from Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, and is structured in four sections, covering the following themes:

Languages in contact
Language identity, ideology and policy
Communication and issues of intelligibility
Language in education

The volume discusses the linguistic paradoxes and complexities that have emerged from the contact between English, (and/ or) French and indigenous African languages. Some of the papers collected here discuss the characteristics, functions and peculiarities of the emerging varieties of languages that have developed in these post-colonial African States. Furthermore, the book offers empirical data on up-to-date research drawn from the expertise of budding and established scholars in the areas under discussion, and demonstrates the rich body of research that is developing in post-colonial Africa.

Some of the areas covered in this volume include the linguistic products of bilingualism in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, and new linguistic and sociocultural borders of Cameroonian Pidgin-Creole, which bridge the ideological gap between English and French speaking communities in Cameroon, unofficial language policy and language planning in the country and discourse choices in Cameroonian English.

This book is an ideal resource for graduate students and researchers interested in the areas of sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, discourse analysis and World Englishes.
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Weitere Infos & Material

Valentine N. Ubanako holds a PhD in English Linguistics from the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon, and academic and professional certificates in the domains of language teaching (from the Advanced School of Education-ENS Yaounde, Cameroon) and translation (from the Global Translation Institute, USA, and Imperial College London, UK). He is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Bilingual Studies at the University of Yaounde 1, where he presently teaches English Linguistics and Translation. He has published several scholarly articles and contributed book chapters in the domains of translation and English linguistics, most notably in Translation Quarterly; Contact Linguistics in Africa and Beyond; Geolinguistics; Papers in English Linguistics; Changing English; Fifty years of Official Bilingualism in Cameroon (1961-2011); and Cameroon Journal of Studies in the Commonwealth.

Jemima A. Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Ghana, Legon. She holds an MA in General Linguistics from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, and a PhD in English from the University of Ghana, Legon. Her research interests are in the areas of pragmatics, discourse analysis, politeness, and varieties and functions of English. Some of her papers have been published in Journal of Pragmatics; Legon Journal of the Humanities; Sociolinguistic Studies; Linguistic Atlantica; and Varieties of English Around the World.

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