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Verriest Colour Vision Deficiencies VII

Proceedings of the Seventh Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies held at Centre Médical Universitaire, Geneva, Switzerland, 23-25 June 1983

Softcover Nachdruck of the original 1. Auflage 1984, Band: 39, 424 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 155 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 663 g Reihe: Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series
ISBN: 978-94-009-6553-9
Verlag: Springer Netherlands

Verriest Colour Vision Deficiencies VII

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1. Obituaries.- A tribute to Louise L. Sloan.- Dr Oskar Neubauer.- 2. Electrophysiology and Colour Vision.- Electrophysiology of color vision. I. Cellular level (invited paper).- Electrophysiology of colour vision. II. Studies on colour vision by means of the electroretinogram and the visually evoked cortical potential: a review (invited paper).- ERG indices of color vision variations in monkeys.- Correlates between chromatic electrophysiological recordings and chromatic psychophysical functions in normal and abnormal observers.- Visual evoked potentials and colour pattern stimulations.- Spectral response pattern of ERG recorded with scanning method in congenital colour defectives.- 3. Metameric Matches Relevant for Assessment of Colour Vision.- Metameric matches relevant for assessment of color vision. I. Theoretical considerations (invited paper).- Metameric matches relevant for assessment of color vision. II. Practical aspects (invited paper).- Analysis of variance in anomaloscope matches.- Color matches on large fields, changes with retinal area stimulated or with duration of presentation.- Retinal distribution of macular pigment.- Brightness-luminance discrepancy in the frame of colour vision deficiencies.- Clinical colorimetric examinations in the purple.- Dichromatic and anomalous trichromatic colour vision examined with small and large field matches by means of the projection anomaloscope.- Influences of variation in lenticular and macular pigmentation on dichromatic neutral points.- Rayleigh equation in acquired color vision defects.- 4. Clinical Colour Vision Test Batteries.- Clinical color vision examination (invited paper).- Principles of colour vision test battery selection.- Acquired defects of colour discrimination statistically evaluated through a battery of tests.- The contribution of the City University test (1st and 2nd editions) in a clinical test laboratory.- 5. Methods of Examination.- New pseudoisochromatic plates for acquired color vision defects.- Pseudoisochromatic charts in acquired dyschromatopsia.- Influence of some factors on not-typical responses to three tests of color vision in children.- Comments on the use of the Standard Pseudoisochromatic plates and the New Color Test of Lanthony.- The effect of age on performance on the Panel D-15 and desaturated D-15: a quantitative evaluation.- An analysis of the Farnsworth-Munsell 100-Hue test.- On the comparison of monocular and binocular 100-Hue responses.- Validity of different contrast tests in glaucoma.- Saturation contrasts: clinical application potential.- Psychophysical flicker threshold in congenital colour vision deficiencies: clinical and ergophthalmological aspects.- A clinical evaluation of the 'OSCAR' color vision set.- Value of the Rodenstock Farbentestscheibe 3040.173 for the diagnosis of congenital colour vision defects.- A revised three-light test.- A new pocket anomaloscope.- Presentation of a design to measure the McCollough effect.- 6. Congenital Defects.- Spatial summation in dichromats.- Microspectrophotometric and psychophysical results for the same deuteranopic observer.- Mesopic deuteranopic vision with a large observation field.- Achromatopsia and combination defects of protan, deutan and tritan genes.- 7. Acquired Defects.- The three color vision mechanisms in different field sizes in acquired color vision defects.- Clinical application of the transient tritanopia effect.- Saturation discrimination in acquired colour vision deficiencies on the tritanopic confusion line.- Colour vision in a case of unilateral nuclear cataract.- Color discrimination (100-Hue test) after successful surgical treatment of retinal detachment.- Retinal drusen and colour vision.- A quantitative assessment of colour discrimination in normal vision and senile macular degeneration using some colour confusion tests.- Colour vision in relation to other visual functions in the presence of slight macular degeneration.- Colour vision in young diabetics.- Th


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