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West / Prettyman Practical PHP 7, MySQL 8, and MariaDB Website Databases

A Simplified Approach to Developing Database-Driven Websites

2. Auflage 2018, 546 Seiten, Kartoniert, Book, Format (B × H): 178 mm x 254 mm, Gewicht: 1054 g
ISBN: 978-1-4842-3842-4
Verlag: APress

West / Prettyman Practical PHP 7, MySQL 8, and MariaDB Website Databases

Build interactive, database-driven websites with PHP 7, MySQL 8, and MariaDB. The focus of this book is on getting you up and running as quickly as possible with real-world applications. In the first two chapters, you will set up your development and testing environment, and then build your first PHP and MariaDB or MySQL database-driven website. You will then increase its sophistication, security, and functionality throughout the course of the book. The PHP required is taught in context within each project so you can quickly learn how PHP integrates with MariaDB and MySQL to create powerful database-driven websites. Each project is fully illustrated, so you will see clearly what you are building as you create your own database-driven website. You will build a form for registering users, and then build an interface so that an administrator can view and administer the user database. You will create a message board for users and a method for emailing them. You will also learn the best practices for ensuring that your website databases are secure. Later chapters describe how to create a product catalog, and a simple e-commerce site. You will also discover how to migrate a database to a remote host. The final chapter will demonstrate the advantages of migrating to Oracle's MySQL 8. You will be shown step by step migration directions along with a demonstration of the tools available in SQL Workbench. Because you are building the interactive pages yourself, you will know exactly how MySQL, MariaDB, and PHP all work together, and you will be able to add database interactivity to your own websites with ease.
What You Will Learn
- Build a secure database-driven website using PHP 7, MySQL 8, and MariaDB

- Create a product catalog

- Write a message board

- Move towards e-commerce

- Employ security and validation measures

- Migrate to Oracle's MySQL 8 Server platform

Who This Book Is For Web developers with HTML, CSS and a limited Bootstrap experience. Readers need little to no prior experience with PHP and MySQL.



Weitere Infos & Material

1. Create and Test a Database and Table2. Create Web Pages that Interact with Users3. Login/Logout for Members and an Administrator4. Creating an Administration Interface5. Expanding and Enriching your Website6. Finishing Touches: Security and Validation7. Migrating to a Host and Backing Up Your Website Database8. Creating a Product Catalog9. Joining Multiple Tables and Other Enhancements10. Creating a Message Board11. E-commerce: A Brief Introduction12. A Brief Look at Oracle MySQL 8Appendix A. TroubleshootingAppendix B. Resources

Prettyman, Steve
Adrian W. West is an active web design and development consultant at amwebdesign.co.uk. He also writes monthly computer help articles in two local magazines. Adrian is the author of Practical HTML5 Projects, also published by Apress. Frustrated by the over-complicated MySQL manuals that assumed the reader would fill in the many gaps in the instructions, he researched, tested and developed a fully explained and simplified method to eliminate the difficulties he experienced; this book is the result.
Steve Prettyman earned his bachelor of arts degree in education from Oglethorpe University in 1979. He quickly began his teaching career as a high school mathematics instructor while continuing his education by earning a master's degree in business information systems from Georgia State University (1985). Since then, Steve has spent over 30 years in the IT industry. The last, almost 20 years, he has been an instructor and professor at Chattahoochee Technical College, Kennesaw State University, and Southern Polytechnic State University. He is currently the Computer Science Department Chair for Florida Keys Community College, Key West, Florida. His primary teaching responsibilities include programming, web design, and web application development.

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