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Wickramasinghe / Schaffer Theories to Inform Superior Health Informatics Research and Practice

1. Auflage 2018, 458 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 160 mm x 241 mm, Gewicht: 7155 g Reihe: Healthcare Delivery in the Information Age
ISBN: 978-3-319-72286-3
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH

Wickramasinghe / Schaffer Theories to Inform Superior Health Informatics Research and Practice

This unifying volume offers a clear theoretical framework for the research shaping the emerging direction of informatics in health care. Contributors ground the reader in the basics of informatics methodology and design, including creating salient research questions, and explore the human dimensions of informatics in studies detailing how patients perceive, respond to, and use health data. Real-world examples bridge the theoretical and the practical as knowledge management-based solutions are applied to pervasive issues in information technologies and service delivery. Together, these articles illustrate the scope of health possibilities for informatics, from patient care management to hospital administration, from improving patient satisfaction to expanding the parameters of practice.
Highlights of the coverage:

· Design science research opportunities in health care

· IS/IT governance in health care: an integrative model

· Persuasive technologies and behavior modification through technology: design of a mobile application for behavior change

· The development of a hospital secure messaging and communication platform: a conceptualization

· The development of intelligent patient-centric systems for health care

· An investigation on integrating Eastern and Western medicine with informatics

Interest in Theories to Inform Superior Health Informatics Research and Practice cuts across academia and the healthcare industry. Its audience includes healthcare professionals, physicians and other clinicians, practicing informaticians, hospital administrators, IT departments, managers, and management consultants, as well as scholars, researchers, and students in health informatics and public health.



Weitere Infos & Material

Rogers's Theory of Adoption and Diffusion of Innovations.- Assimilation of Technology.- Task Technology Fit.- Structuration.- Actor Network Theory.- Activity Theory.- Principle Agency Theory.- Systems Thinking.- Lean and Six Sigma.- Knowledge Management.- Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness.- Basic Assumptions and Unconscious Processes in Groups.- Resource-Based View Versus Firm-Based View.- Business Value of Technology.- Boyd's OODA Loop.- Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research.- The Case Study Approach.- Grounded Theory.- Epilogue.- Appendix: Case Vignettes.

Wickramasinghe, Nilmini
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, PhD, MBA, GradDipMgtSt, BSc, researches and teaches within information systems domain with particular focus on the applications of these areas to healthcare and thereby effecting superior healthcare delivery. She is well published in all these areas with more than 300 refereed scholarly articles, several books, and an encyclopedia. In addition, Professor Wickramasinghe regularly presents her work throughout North America, as well as in Europe and Australasia. She is a professor in Health Informatics Management at Deakin University and the Professor-Director of Health Informatics Management at Epworth HealthCare in Australia. In addition, Professor Wickramasinghe is the U.S. representative of the Health Care Technology Management Association, and the editor-in-chief of two scholarly journals published by InderScience.
Jonathan L. Schaffer, MD, MBA, is managing director of eCleveland Clinic in the Information Technology Division of Cleveland Clinic and is on Staff in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery as a joint and reconstructive orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Schaffer's research interests include perioperative pain management, the integration of multimedia object-oriented databases in patient outcomes research, the biological effects of new surgical techniques, specifically lasers, and minimally invasive surgery.

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