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Yago / Itoh / Asai History of the IMF

Organization, Policy, and Market

2015, 324 Seiten, Gebunden, HC runder Rücken kaschiert, Format (B × H): 160 mm x 241 mm, Gewicht: 6387 g Reihe: Studies in Economic History
ISBN: 978-4-431-55350-2
Verlag: Springer Japan

Yago / Itoh / Asai History of the IMF

This book describes the history of the IMF from its birth, through the Bretton Woods era, and in the aftermath. Special attention is paid to integrating IMF history with the macro-economic policies of member countries and of other international institutions as well. This collection of work presents a clear understanding, inter alia, of the influence of the United States over IMF policy via the National Advisory Committee; the dealings of the IMF with the UK on pound sterling policy; the institutional change of the IMF brought about by Per Jacobsson, the third managing director; and France, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Japan vis-à-vis IMF consultations. It also provides the reader with topics concerning the bankers’ acceptance market function and international liquidity issues in relation to IMF policy; the final chapter sheds light on the long-standing relations between the IMF and China, from the Bretton Woods Agreement to the contemporary period. All the chapters are archive-based academic studies providing deep insights with historical background, which makes this book the first thoroughly independent achievement in the field of IMF history. This book is highly recommended to readers interested in contemporary monetary and financial history and those who seek to obtain a coherent image of postwar international institutions and markets.



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I. Foundation and Development of the IMF.- Ch1 Prehistory of the IMF: Debates in the UK and Anglo-American Negotiation (M.Itoh).- Ch2 Early Policy Formation of the IMF: in relation to the NAC (I.Suto).- Ch3 Struggle of the IMF, 1944-61: Toward the creation of the Postwar Monetary System (T.Nishikawa).- Ch4 "Maybe the Fund needs something else" Per Jacobsson, from the Bank for International Settlements to the International Monetary Fund, 1931-1963 (P.Clement).- Ch5 International Liquidity Problem in the 1960s: IMF Board Discussions (Y.Noshita).- Ch6 Return to Convertibility of the West European Currencies and the BA Market: IMF and FRB (M.Tsurumi).- II. IMF in relation to National Economies and International Organizations.- Ch7 IMF and France before 1971: Bretton Woods as a Multilateral Order (K.Yago).- Ch8 IMF and Germany: Monetary Crisis and Exchange Rate Policy (A.Ishizaka).- Ch9 IMF and Italy: Trade Liberalization and Return to Convertibility (K.Itoh).- Ch10 IMF and Canada: From Floating to Fixed Exchange Rate System (A.Sugawara).- Ch11 Japanese Participation to the Bretton Woods System (M.Kishida).- Ch12 IMF and Japan: Liberalization and Pursuit of Rapid Growth (Y.Asai).- Ch13 China and the International Monetary Fund 1945-1985 (C.Schenk).

Yago, Kazuhiko

Yoshio Asai is a professor of economic history at Seijo University. He is the author of Sengo Kaikaku to Minshushugi (Post-war Economic Reforms and Democracy) (2001); and a co-author of Showa Zaiseishi, 1952–73 (History of Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Japan, 1952–73), Vol.11 (1999),Vol.12 (1992); and Kinyu Kiki to Kakushin (Financial Crises and Innovations)(2000).


Masanao Itoh is professor at Otsuma Women’s University and professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo. His main writings are Japanese Overseas Finance and Financial Policy 1914–1936 ( Nagoya University Press, 1989, in Japanese), which was awarded the 31st Japan Economist Prize in 1990; History of Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Japan 1974–1989, Vol. 7, 11: International Finance and External Economic Affairs (Ministry of Finance, Toyo Keizai Inc., editor, 2003, 2004, in Japanese); Japanese Overseas Finance and Financial Policy 1945–1974 and The Formation and the End of the 360 Yen–Dollar Rate (Nagoya University Press, 2009, in Japanese); and Why Have the Financial Crises Been Repeated?(Junpo-sha, 2010, in Japanese).


Kazuhiko Yago, born in 1962, professor at Waseda University, Faculty of Commerce, defended his doctoral dissertation “L’épargne populaire comme fonds de placement public: Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations” at Université Paris X in 1996. Publications include: Asian Imperial Banking History (with Hubert Bonin and Nuno Valério), (Pickering and Chatto, 2014); The Financial History of the Bank for International Settlements (Routledge, 2012); “La Banque du Japon dans le système monétaire international,1945–1985”, in Olivier Feiertag et Michel Margairaz, dirs., Les banques centrales à l'échelle du monde (Presses de la Fondation nationale des sciences politiques, 2012).

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