Yun / Min / Li | Printing and Packaging Study | Buch | 978-3-03785-005-3 |

Buch, Englisch, 564 Seiten, Format (B × H): 170 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 1080 g

Yun / Min / Li

Printing and Packaging Study

Buch, Englisch, 564 Seiten, Format (B × H): 170 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 1080 g

ISBN: 978-3-03785-005-3
Verlag: Trans Tech Publications

Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).This collection of over 127 peer-reviewed papers on Printing and Packaging draws together the current knowledge in this field. The volume is divided into chapters on: “Color Science & Technology”, “Image Processing Technology”, “Digital Printing Technology”, “Technical Study & Standardization”, “Mechanical Engineering & Automation Control”, “Paper & Printability”, “Ink Technology”, “Packaging Materials”, and “Printing History Study”. This makes it a very timely guide to this specialized but important topic.
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Preface and Committees
I. Color Science & Technology
Extreme Colour Reproduction: Spectral and Preferred
Evaluation and Controlling Influence of Papers Containing Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) for Color Management
Evaluation of Perceptual Rendering Intent in ICC Printing Workflows
Perceived Image Gamut Based on Human Visual System and Wavelet Transform
The Spectral Reflectance Model of Coloring Images Printed on Holographic Papers
The Ray Scattering Spectral Reflectance Model for Coloring Images
Study on Color Space Conversion Based on RBF Neural Network
Study on the Efficient Reconstruction Method of Spectral Color Information
Uncertainty Evaluation of Spectral Color Measurement
Image Gamut Visualization Based on Ball-Pivoting Algorithm
Evaluation of CIELAB-Based Color Difference Formulae Using a Printing Data Set
Research on the Uniform Color Appearance Space Based on the CIECAM02
Analyzing Color Light Additive Process Using Complex Frequency Spectrum
Mathematical Model and Implementation of the Density-Based Gravure Spot-Color Matching
The Research on Effect of Ambient Light on the Impact of the Soft Proofing
Research on the Spot Color Matching System Based on Ink Volume
Discussion on Colorimetric Computation Method of LCD Display
The Performance of Computerized Spectrum Color Matching Based on Kubelka-Munk Theory and its Color Rendering on Offset Ink Sets
Gamut Volume Comparison Research Based on Spacial Tetrahedral Network
The Impact of Different Viewing Light Illuminance on Cross-Media Color Reproduction
Comparative Study of Metrics for Spectral Color Grouping
Research on Selecting Region of Interest in the Application of Spectral Imaging in Forensic Science
Study on Key Issues of Multi-Spectral Color Reproduction Technique
Research on Dynamic Subspace Divided BP Neural Network Identification Method of Color Space Transform Model
The Application of Color Management in the Process of Making Electronic Engraved Plate
II. Image Processing Technology
Image Relief Algorithm and its Application in Security Printing
A Technology of Printing Forgery Prevention for Certificates Based on Fingerprint Information
A Kind of Sub-Pixel Grid Characters Thickness Adjustment Method
A HDR Image Compression Algorithm Based on Non-Linear Masking
A Study of Digital Watermark Algorithm Based on HVS for Halftone Images
Generation of High Dynamic Range Image Based on Tone Composition of Multiple Images for Identical Scene
Study of Image Frequency Spectrum under the Different Settings of USM Parameters
Study of Anti-Counterfeit Printing with Cylindrical Lens Sheet Basic on Screening Copy
A Robust Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Digital Image Security
III. Digital Printing Technology
A Study of the Functionalities and Workflow for Web-to-Print Platform
Establish the Control Template of Data Flow Based on Prinergy Workflow
Development for Parametric Design System of Packaging Carton Based on Visual Basic and AutoCAD Platform
On Implementation of a JDF-Based Printing Process Searching
Determination of the Best Image Parameters in CTP Output Device
Applications of 2D Barcode for Mobile Tagging
IV. Technical Study & Standardization
Research on the Infiltrating and Diffusing Model of Ink Droplet in Inkjet Imaging System
Study on Color Change of Printing Products with Film Covering
The Linear Map Printing Quality Auto-Detection Based on Dynamic Threshold Algorithm
Numerical Simulation of Droplet Formation of Piezoelectric Ink-Jet Printing
Study on the Online Ink Testing with CCD Based on Calabro-Mercatucci Model
Offset Ink Quantity Estimation Model Based on Image Block Processing
A Novel Method to Qualify the Status of Printing Process Rapidly
Research on Inspection System Formation of Cells in Gravure Cylinder Base on Machine Vision
Evaluation of Quality for Ink-Jet Printing Based on Capturing Measurement and Control Elements by CCD
Influence of Screen Ruling and Engraving Needle Tip Angle on Ink Transfer for Gravure
Study on Photoaging Phenomenon of Digital Inkjet Presswork
Research on a Method for Evaluating the Line Sharpness in Digital Printings
Effect of Paper Surface Characteristics on Dot Gain in Ink-Jet Printing
Development and Comparison of Models for Predicting Printing Quality in Flexographic Printing
Study on Color Simulating between Offset Printing and Digital Printing
Analysis and Suggestions for Process Control of Offset Platemaking
Study on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Printing Quality Based on AHP Method
Influences of Screen Ruling on Printing Quality in CTP Workflow
The Research on Special Printing Effects Based on Gray Component Replacement
Research on the Method of Determining the Optimum Parameters for Offset Ink
Research on Printing Color Stability Control Method
Analyses on the Influencing Factors of Screen-Printing Technology of Liquid Wallpaper Paint
An Exploration on Image Detection of Folding Dislocations
V. Mechanical Engineering & Automation Control
Research on the Methods of the Testing on the Value of the Cylinder's Axial Bounce of the Press
Optimization Design of the Web Press’s Fold Mechanism Based on Robustness
Measurement System Design of Rotary Viscosity Based on MCU and CPLD
Research on the Vibration Cutting and the Simulation
Research on Dynamic Design Method Based on Measuring Information for Printing Press
A Miniature Handheld Automatic Detected Device for Register
Parameter Study of Offset Press Cylinder Based on Sliding Friction
Application of Parallel Indexing Cam Design Software Platform in Intermittent Mechanism Designing of Die-Cutting Machine
Cutting Software Development Based on JDF Digital Workflow
Study on the Vibration of a Paper-Transferring Mechanism
Design and Research on the Pneumatic Packaging Manipulator Based on GT-Designer Configuration Software
Testing and Research on Inking Properties of Offset Press
Performance Research and Structure Optimize on Printing Cylinder Based on Finite Element Contact Analysis
VI. Paper & Printability
Use of SMA Surface Sizing Agent to Improve the Quality of Inkjet Printing
Preparation and Performance of Cationic Spherical Polyelectrolyte Brushes as Retention and Drainage Aid in Papermaking
Wavelength-Dependence of Exposure-Induced Fluorescent Fading
The Status and Progress of Waste Paper Deinking
A Study of Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) Correction Methods
Investigation into the Effect of Coating Thickness on Ink Penetration by LSCM
Study on the Ink Penetration Behavior of the Offset Paper Surface
Study on the Printing Performance of Coated Paper Inkjet Ink
Synthesize and Application of Mg-Al Hydrotalcite in Flame Retardant Paper Preparation
Influence of Surface Geometry of Paper on Colour Rendering of Impression
Study on the Prediction Model of Paper Printability
Effect of Performance of Paper on Indentation Process
VII. Ink Technology
Research on the Mathematical Model and Air-Drying Mechanism of Water-Based Ink
Blending Property of Water-Based UV-Curable Polyurethane Acrylate and Epoxy Acrylate
Study on Rheological Properties of Liquid Electronic Ink
Study on Preparation and Properties of Fluorescent Offset Printing Ink
Study on the Curing Kinetics of UV-Curable Inkjet Ink
Study on Photopolymerization Performance of Waterborne UV Cured Ink
Research and Manufacture of Nano-Silver Conductive Ink
Study on Performance of Adherence of Water-Base UV Varnish
Influence of Tack Reducer and Varnish on the Rheological Behavior of Offset Inks
Preparation of Nano-Micropore Latex Particles
The Effects of Prepolymer on the Performance of UV Offset Ink
Influence of Monomer on the Performance of UV Waterless Offset Ink
Formulation Design of the Blue Fluorescent Ink-Jet Ink
The Effect of Photoinitiator on UV Screen Printing Photochromic Ink’S Curing Performance
Synthesis and Application of Europium-Doped Complexes in Fluorescence Falsification-Resistant Ink
Influence of Promoter on the Glossiness of Water-Soluble Varnish
VIII. Packaging Materials
Green Plate Making Technology Based on Nano-Materials
Preparation and Properties Research of Modified Nano-ZnO/HDPE Composite Films
Preparation and Characterization of Nanomaterials for Intelligent Temperature Control Package
Preparation of Cellulose/Ag+ Antibacterial Composites Films by NMMO-Technology
Study on Synthesis and Paper-Plastic Composite Property of Maleic Rosin Modified Acrylic Resin
Preparation of Self-Crosslinking Core-Shell Latex at Ambient Temperature
Effect of Polyethylene Films Coated Capsaicin on Rodent Repellent
RF Magnetron Sputtered SiOx Coatings on Papers
Development and Application of Intelligent Release Fresh-Keeping Composite Packaging Films
Research on the Characterization and the Properties of SiOx Coating on Plastic Film
Study on Branched Polyacrylamide Preparation and Application
Modified Polypropylene Filled with Nano-Al2O3
Research in Compositions and Coloration Performance of Polyurethane Ink Absorption Coating
Phase Transformation Conditions on the Structures and Properties of Cellulose Packaging Films in LiCl/DMAc
Modeling for Dynamic Properties of Honeycomb Paperboard by the Restoring Force-State Mapping Method
Study on Method of Simulating Dynamic Cushioning Performance of Molded Pulp Packaging Pad
A Set of Constitutive Models for a Kind of Corn Straw Fiber Based Composite Cushioning Packaging Material
Research on Bending Resistance of Single Honeycomb Paper-Core
Research of Flat Crush Performance and Processing Technology for Dual-Core Honeycomb Paperboard
Research on Preparation and Characterization of Easy-to-Open Tear Tape for Corrugated Carton
IX. Printing History Study
The Nondestructive Identification of Printing Pigments in Bank Notes Issued by Yantai XiGongshun, the Republic of China
A Research on Early Spread of Traditional Hand-Made Paper in East Asia Countries
Typeface Innovation and Information Communication of Latin Alphabet from Handwriting to Printing

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