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Aylett / Lim / Louchart Interactive Storytelling

Third Joint Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2010, Edinburgh, UK, November 1-3, 2010, Proceedings

1. Auflage. 2010, Band: 6432, 302 Seiten, Kartoniert, Book, Format (B × H): 158 mm x 237 mm, Gewicht: 491 g Reihe: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
ISBN: 978-3-642-16637-2
Verlag: Springer

Aylett / Lim / Louchart Interactive Storytelling

speakers supported the inter-disciplinaryrangeof ICIDS 2010 and the ?eld’s natural ties between academic research, the arts and industry.



Weitere Infos & Material

Keynotes.- The Authoring Challenge in Interactive Storytelling.- From a Winter's Night to a Dragon Age.- Designing Social Worlds - On Intrigue and Interaction in Live Action Role Playing Games (LARPS).- Characters and Decision Making.- MIST: An Interactive Storytelling System with Variable Character Behavior.- Importance of Well-Motivated Characters in Interactive Narratives: An Empirical Evaluation.- "I Want to Slay That Dragon!" - Influencing Choice in Interactive Storytelling.- Story Evaluation and Analysis.- Measuring User Responses to Interactive Stories: Towards a Standardized Assessment Tool.- One Tool-Many Paradigm: Creativity and Regularity in Youngsters' Hyperstories.- Exploring Narrative Interpretation and Adaptation for Interactive Story Creation.- Narrative Annotation and Editing of Video.- Story Generation.- A Story to Go, Please.- Threading Facts into a Collective Narrative World.- Learning Story Marketing through Practical Experience of Story Creation System.- Enhancing Real-Time Sports Commentary Generation with Dramatic Narrative Devices.- Zuzie: Collaborative Storytelling Based on Multiple Compositions.- An Interactive Documentary Manifesto.- Arts and Humanities.- Rhetorics of the Interactive 3D Installation "Virtuelle Mauer/ReConstructing the Wall".- From Physical to Non-material Art - Design Choices of the Digital Artist.- The iLand of Madeira Location Aware Multimedia Stories.- Narrative Theories and Modelling.- Modeling of Interactive Storytelling and Validation of Scenario by Means of Linear Logic.- An Analysis of Narrative Moves in Improvisational Theatre.- Towards a Theoretical Framework for Interactive Digital Narrative.- Systems.- A Data-Driven Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Interactive Storytelling.- Something's Gotta Give - Towards Distributed Autonomous Story Appraisal in Improv.- A Simple Intensity-Based Drama Manager.- Applications.- Player Agency and the Relevance of Decisions.- Interactive Storytelling in Academic Teaching.- Teaching English as a Second Language Utilizing Authoring Tools for Interactive Digital Storytelling.- Posters.- Textual vs. Graphical Interaction in an Interactive Fiction Game.- Motivations for Rereading in Interactive Stories: A Preliminary Investigation.- The Haiti Earthquake Experience: A Case Study.- First Person Victim: Developing a 3D Interactive Dramatic Experience.- Combining Explicit and Implicit Interaction Modes with Virtual Characters in Public Spaces.- Louis, Mr. Dog and Rabbit: Metalepsis in Interactive Narrative.- Automated Storytelling in Sports: A Rich Domain to Be Explored.- Level-of-Detail Stories as a Virtual Museum of a Movie.- Establishing Communication Channels for Digital Storytelling Applications.- Agency and the Art of Interactive Digital Storytelling.- Realism and Virtuality: Carmageddon as Contemporary Simulacrum Model.- Demonstrations.- Emohawk: Learning Virtual Characters by Doing.- Crowd-Sourced AI Authoring with ENIGMA.- Using Highly Interactive Drama to Help Young People Cope with Traumatic Situations.- Stories on a Sphere: Hyperglobes as Narrative Platforms for Global Geodata.- Workshops.- Users and Evaluation of Interactive Storytelling.- Workshop: Education in Interactive Digital Storytelling.- Interactive Stories for Health Interventions.- Towards a Shared Vocabulary for Interactive Digital Storytelling.- Storytelling within an Internet of Things.- Just Another Tool for Interactive Digital Storytelling?.- Tutorial.- Tutorial: Introduction to Interactive Story Creation.

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