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Batra Marketing Issues in Transitional Economies

1999, 287 Seiten, Gebunden, HC runder Rücken kaschiert, Format (B × H): 160 mm x 241 mm, Gewicht: 1360 g
ISBN: 978-0-7923-8498-4
Verlag: Springer US

Batra Marketing Issues in Transitional Economies

As the markets in transitional economies open and grow, major challenges and opportunities arise for multinational firms entering these markets, local firms facing these new competitors, and policymakers seeking to increase the ability of all firms to compete fairly and efficiently. Yet despite the important questions transition economies pose for policymakers and companies seeking to enter and compete in these new markets, there has been a relative absence of systematic research on these concerns.
This book seeks to fill a gap in the existing literature by offering a pioneering and comprehensive examination of issues that have developed as markets in transitional economies become more deregulated and open. The countries discussed include China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa and South Korea. The topics covered are divided into five main sections, and the individual chapters are written by some of the world's leading academic experts on these issues. Most of the authors draw from freshly-collected data in new studies of consumers and/or firms in transitional economies. After an opening section which discusses the marketing issues and challenges multinational and local firms face in transitional economies, the next three sections offer detailed treatments of changing consumer behavior, measuring and improving the marketing orientation of firms, and implementing and managing distribution channels. The fifth and final section is devoted to firm strategies and tactics, examined variously from the perspective of multinational firms entering these new markets, from the viewpoint of existing local firms facing new competitive challenges from global entrants, and from the perspective of local firms seeking to establish themselves in foreign markets where they have not previously competed.
Most of the individual chapters are revised versions of papers originally presented at a conference sponsored by the William Davidson Institute, which focuses on research related to emerging and transitional economies, and have not previously appeared in published form. Thus, the book is a unique collection of cutting-edge scholarship on the various aspects of marketing in transitional economies. It will prove valuable reading to academics, policymakers, and international business strategists.




Weitere Infos & Material

Introduction and Acknowledgments. Overview. 1. Marketing Issues and Challenges in Transitional Economies; R. Batra. The Changing Consumer. 2. Leaping Luxuries and Transitional Consumers; R.W. Belk. 3. Resolving Consumption Disagreements in Mainland Chinese Families: An Inter-Generational Comparison; D.K. Tse, et al. 4. Consumer Segmentation in China; B.H. Schmitt. 5. Value Priorities and Consumer Behavior in a Transitional Economy; S.M. Burgess, J.-B.E.M. Steenkamp. Market Orientation in Firms. 6. An Examination of the Dimensions of Market Orientation in the Polish Retail Sector; P. Huddleston, L. Good. 7. Reliability in Measuring Market Orientation and Financial Performance in Transition Economies; R. Deshpandé, J.U. Farley. 8. The Prospects of Becoming Market Oriented: Evidence from the Czech Republic; R. Savitt. Distribution. 9. Towards a New Distribution Pattern: The Case of Romania; C. Balan. 10. Factors Relating to Supply Stability and the Reduction of Opportunism in Hungarian Marketing Channels; D.J. Dahab, J.W. Gentry. 11. Product Distribution Choices in China: A Transaction Cost Perspective; L. Ha, et al. Strategy and Tactics. 12. A Comparative Study of Distribution and Promotion Strategies Used by Multinational Versus Local Companies in Romania; L.A. Manrai, et al. 13. Do Timing and Modes of Entry in China Matter to Market Share Position and Profitability? Y. Pan, X. Li. 14. Defending Turf: Marketing Strategies for Emerging Market Companies; N. Dawar, J.Ramachandran. 15. Branding Challenges for Transitional Economy Firms in Local Markets; E.A. Joachimsthaler, et al. 16. Brand-Building Challenges in Overseas Markets for Korean Companies; R. Batra, Y. Yi. Contributors.

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