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Borland Musical Foundations (1927; 2nd Ed.1932)

Revised, Band: VOLU, 131 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 141 mm x 192 mm, Gewicht: 181 g Reihe: Classic Texts in Music Educati
ISBN: 978-1-84383-988-0

Borland Musical Foundations (1927; 2nd Ed.1932)

This detailed study is based on reliable information and developments can be traced in a context where school music had made great strides since the nineteenth century. Borland discusses the teaching of notation; song repertoire; listening to music; percussion bands; the use of the piano and pianola; and concerts for children. He brings matters up to date in terms of technology in the 1920s by considering the gramophone and radio broadcasts as teaching aids.



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