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Getty The 12 Magic Slides

Insider Secrets for Raising Growth Capital

1. Auflage 2013, 244 Seiten, Kartoniert, Paperback, Format (B × H): 152 mm x 229 mm, Gewicht: 3585 g
ISBN: 978-1-4302-6484-2
Verlag: Apress

Getty The 12 Magic Slides

Author Paul Getty has seen thousands of brilliant founding CEOs present to angel investors, venture capitalists, and institutional investors. And he has seen thousands of them fail in their quest for the money they sincerely believed would lead to entrepreneurial success and riches for all. Again and again, he watched would-be tech titans fail to create a good first impression, deliver poor presentations, tell lengthy stories that put investors to sleep, and fail to address the critical issues sophisticated investors are most eager to hear about.
If only they'd read The Twelve Magic Slides: Insider Secrets for Raising Growth Capital. Getty's slide topics—developed while coaching hundreds of company founders to fundraising success—cover each of the twelve key themes investors want to know about in depth before they part with their hard-earned money: the problem you see, your solution to it, the resulting business opportunity, the amount of money you need to grow the firm, and the potential returns for investors, among others. Getty, managing director of Satwik Capital Advisors in San Jose, California, shows that properly developing each slide—and the thinking behind it—can get you the investment capital required to vault your company to the next level.
But The Twelve Magic Slides is more than a book about how raise money from professional investors. It presents a whole new way of how to think about and develop a successful startup. Regardless, it will show you better ways to accomplish your goals and increase the chances you’ll get the green light from investors.
Whether you are seeking startup funding from the angel down the street, or trying to convince investment bankers to help take you public, The Twelve Magic Slides provides a clear step-by-step process that will enable you to:

- Identify the key elements of the business that must be developed to attract external capital
- Understand the critical dos and don’ts CEOs must know to sell their story to investors in a quick and efficient manner
- Create twelve perfect slides and a presentation that secures investor interest from the start and gives them plenty of reasons to write you a check
You need to find money to fund your company’s growth. Investors need to find entrepreneurs and ideas they can believe in. The Twelve Magic Slides presents a proven method for attracting funds from angel investors, venture capital firms, private equity firms, and institutional investors. It will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to ask for—and receive—the capital you need to launch or grow a business.




Weitere Infos & Material

Introduction 1. What Investors Want 2. Build External Validation3. Find the Right Investors4. Venture Capital5. The Elevator Pitch6. Steps to Building a
Successful Investor Presentation7. Title Slide and
Introductions8. Slide 1: Overview9. Slide 2: The Problem10. Slide 3: The
Solution11. Slide 4:
Opportunity and Market12. Slide 5:
Technology13. Slide 6:
Unique Competitive Advantages14. Slide 7: Competitive
Landscape15. Slide 8: Go-to-Market
Strategy16. Slide 9: Financial
Roadmap 17. Slide 10: The Team 18. Slide 11: Current
Status19. Slide 12: Summary20. Backup Slides21. After the Meeting 22. Building the
Executive Summary23. You Got a Deal! Or Not
. . .

Getty, Paul M.
Paul M. Getty has been an active venture capitalist with technology investment firms Venture Navigation and Satwik Ventures. He also is a co-founder of First Guardian Group, a national real estate investment and management firm that has completed over $800 million in transactions. His prior operating experience spans over 25 years as a serial entrepreneur and executive officer in firms that resulted in investor returns of over $700 million through multiple successful IPOs and M&As. Paul is a frequent speaker on investment topics at industry conferences. He has an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan, with honors, and a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Wayne State University.

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