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Mathiowitz / Chickering III / Lehr Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems

Fundamentals, Novel Approaches, and Development

1. Auflage 1999, 696 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 156 mm x 234 mm, Gewicht: 1212 g Reihe: Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences
ISBN: 978-0-8247-1995-1
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Inc

Mathiowitz / Chickering III / Lehr Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems

This invaluable reference presents a comprehensive review of the basic methods for characterizing bioadhesive materials and improving vehicle targeting and uptake-offering possibilities for reformulating existing compounds to create new pharmaceuticals at lower development costs.Evaluates the unique carrier characteristics of bioadhesive polymers and their power to enhance localization of delivered agents, local bioavailability, and drug absorption and transport!Written by over 50 international experts and reflecting broad knowledge of both traditional bioadhesive strategies and novel clinical applications, Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systemsdiscusses mechanical and chemical bonding, polymer-mucus interactions, the effect of surface energy in bioadhesion, polymer hydration, and mucus rheology analyzes biochemical properties of mucus and glycoproteins, cell adhesion molecules, and cellular interaction with two- and three-dimensional surfaces covers microbalances and magnetic force transducers, atomic force microscopy, direct measurements of molecular level adhesions, and methods to measure cell-cell interactions examines bioadhesive carriers, diffusion or penetration enhancers, and lectin-targeted vehicles describes vaginal, nasal, buccal, ocular, and transdermal drug delivery reviews bioadhesive interactions with the mucosal tissues of the eye and mouth, and those in the respiratory, urinary, and gastrointestinal tracts explores issues of product development, clinical testing, and production and more!Amply referenced with over 1400 bibliographic citations, and illustrated with more than 300 drawings, photographs, tables, and display equations, Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems serves as a sound basis for innovation in bioadhesive systems and an excellent introduction to the subject. This unique reference is ideal for pharmaceutical scientists and technologist

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Fundamentals of BioadhesionDefinitions, Mechanisms, and Theories of BioadhesionDonald E. Chickering III and Edith MathiowitzThe Role of Water Movement and Polymer Hydration in MucoadhesionJohn D. SmartA Rheological Approach to Explain the Mucoadhesive Behavior of Polymer HydrogelsCarla Marcella Caramella, Silvia Rossi, and Maria Cristina BonferoniFunctional Histology of Epithelia Relevant for Drug Delivery: Respiratory Tract, Digestive Tract, Eye, Skin, and VaginaUdo Schumacher and Dietlind SchumacherBiochemical and Functional Aspects of Mucus and Mucin-Type GlycoproteinsBarry James CampbellMethods of Evaluating Bioadhesive InteractionsAdaptation of a Microbalance to Measure Bioadhesive Properties of MicrospheresDonald E. Chickering III, Camilla A. Santos, and Edith MathiowitzNovel Magnetic Technique to Measure BioadhesionBenjamin A. Hertzog and Edith MathiowitzPrinciples of Skin Adhesion and Methods for Measuring Adhesion of Transdermal SystemsMichael Horstmann, Walter Müller, and Bodo AsmussenForce Microscopy of Cells to Measure BioadhesionE. zur Mühlen, P. Koschinski, S. Gehring, Robert Ros, Louis Tiefenhauer, Eleonore Haltner, Claus-Michael Lehr, Uwe Hartmann, Falk Schwesinger, and A. PlückthunDirect Measurement of Molecular-Level Forces and Adhesion in Biological SystemsJames Schneider and Matthew TirrellA Centrifugation Method for Measurement of Two-Dimensional Binding Characteristics of Receptor-Ligand InteractionCheng Zhu, James W. Piper, and Robert A. SwerlickNovel Concepts and Strategies for Bioadhesive Drug Delivery SystemsMultifunctional Polymers for the Peroral Delivery of Peptide DrugsHenrik L. Luessen, J. Coos Verhoef, A. (Bert) G. de Boer, H. E. Junginger, Bas J. de Leeuw, Gerrit Borchard, and Claus-Michael LehrChitosan and Chitosan Derivatives as Absorption Enhancers for Peptide Drugs Across Mucosal EpitheliaA. F. Kotzé, Henrik L. Luessen,

Mathiowitz, Edith
Edith Mathiowitz, Donald E. Chickerin III, Claus-Michael Lehr

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