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Matsui Manufacturing and Service Enterprise with Risks

A Stochastic Management Approach

2009, Band: 125, 282 Seiten, Gebunden, Book, Format (B × H): 160 mm x 235 mm, Gewicht: 1310 g Reihe: International Series in Operations Research Management Science
ISBN: 978-0-387-84803-7
Verlag: Springer, Berlin

Matsui Manufacturing and Service Enterprise with Risks

The subject for this book is my life work on the enterprise modeling and integration by a stochastic/queuing form, and the book plan was conceived before my stay in the USA in 1996–97 as a visiting scholar. The rst title was “Stochastic Management and Design of Manufacturing Systems.” The rst version was attempted in 2001; however, this version was inappropriate and was not revised till now. It is 40 years since I attempted a stochastic approach to manufacturing and management due to the limitations of statistical approaches. The century in which industrial engineering and management rose to the forefront was one in which a static/statistical approach was applied to the development of classical models and general/average theory. This book presents a stochastic management approach to the manufacturing and service enterprise with risks by a game/strategic view, and is based on many papers in production/queueing studies that have appeared in famous journals. The book’s objective is to discuss and show the goals and constraints on manufacturing and service enterprises, and to provide a strategic/collaborative solution for management with risks in heterogeneity. This book mainly focuses on the three manufacturing classes: continuous, poi- wise, and exible stream types under risks. These manufacturing streams are rst studied using the respective stochastic processes, and are characterized and dev- oped as a queueing/strategic control problem of look-ahead/buffer, selection/swit- over, and arrangement/routings. Moreover, the behaviors of some design/control variables are shown and useful theories for design are established.




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Management in the Age of Risk.- Stochastic Management Approach.- Risk Chains and Balancing.- Stochastic Management Model.- Management Cycle Model.- Limit-Cycle Model.- Management with Sales Risk.- Service Versus Manufacturing Model.- Stream Risk Processes.- Continuous Risk Stream.- Line Design with Stoppers.- Point-Wise Risk Processes.- Dynamic Type Strategy.- Flexible Risk Processes.- Flexible Cell System.- FAS with Generalized CSPSs.- Job/Customers Routing.- FMS/FAS and Optimal Routing.- Ellipse Management with Risks.- Assembly Enterprise.- Mixed Line Design with Look-Ahead.- NonAssembly Type.- Flexible Enterprise and Ellipse Strategy.- Demand and Supply Risk Chain.- 2MGM Chains and Balancing.- Make-or-Buy and Retail SCMs.- Manufacturing SCM.- Toyota Versus Dell Strategy.- Emerging Challenge.- Pair-Strategic Map Issues.- Summary and Remarks.- Stochastic Management Approach.

Matsui, Masayuki
In writing this book, Prof. Matsui draws from his more than 35 years of research in production and queueing studies. The book will mainly focus upon strategic classes: continuous, pair-wise, and flexible stream types under risks. 


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