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O'Shaugnessy / O'Shaughnessy Persuasion in Advertising

1. Auflage 2003, 232 Seiten, Kartoniert, Format (B × H): 156 mm x 233 mm, Gewicht: 402 g
ISBN: 978-0-415-32224-9
Verlag: Routledge

O'Shaugnessy / O'Shaughnessy Persuasion in Advertising

Effective advertising is, almost always, persuasive advertising, and while not all advertising seeks to persuade, in a competitive situation those who best persuade are those most likely to win. This exciting new book seeks to explain the precise ways in which advertising successfully persuades consumers, setting out the strategies for advertisers to adopt and illustrating the theories at work.Offering not only a conceptual and theoretical grounding in persuasive techniques, this book also provides concrete empirical research that is uniquely incorporated into a marketing textbook format. The authors cover topics including: difficulties of persuasion, rationality and emotion in persuasion, positive reinforcement techniques and cognitive approaches to persuasion.
To illuminate these theories, the authors include original case-studies on campaigns as diverse as Death Cigarettes, Mecca Cola, The Oxo Family and Renault Clio, as well as recent advertisements from BMW, McDonalds, Omega and Silk Cut. A genuinely fresh text on the art of persuasion in advertising, this book is essential reading for all marketing students and academics.

Weitere Infos & Material

1. What Facilitates, and What Makes Persuasion Difficult? 2. Rationality, Symbolism, and Emotion in Persuasion 3. Persuasive Advertising Appeals: Association with Social Norms, Values and Valued Images; Solidarity with Others; Status and Prestige 4. Persuasive Advertising Appeals: Associations tied to the mental modes of Seeking Excitement and Experiencing Relaxation (Reversal Theory), and Associations tied to Positive and Negative Reinforcements (Behaviorism/conditioning) 5. Persuasive Advertising Appeals: Cognitive Approaches: Hierarchy of Effects Models; the Elaboration Likelihood Model; the Persuasive Communication Approach; Consistency Theory 6. Persuasive Advertising Appeals: Psychoanalytic Psychology; Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET); Psychology of the Adaptive Unconscious

O'Shaugnessy, John
John O'Shaughnessy is Professor Emeritus of Business at Columbia University and Senior Associate of the Judge Institute of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of 12 books on business.Nicholas Jackson O'Shaughnessy is Professor of Marketing and Communication at the University of Keele. He has published in many European marketing journals and is the author of two books on marketing.

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