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Staff Social Security Explained

2020 Edition

Erscheinungsjahr 2020, 456 Seiten, Kartoniert
ISBN: 978-1-5438-1952-6
Verlag: CCH INC

Staff Social Security Explained

The 2020 Edition of Social Security Explained provides a succinct, comprehensive, and detailed explanation of the federal old-age, survivor's and disability insurance programs under the Social Security Act. Social Security Explained, 2020 Edition covers: - Who is covered by the Social Security system
- Liability for Social Security tax
- How a worker acquires "insured status" required for benefit eligibility
- The conditions of entitlement by a worker, self-employed person, and spousal and child beneficiaries to the various kinds of Social Security benefits
- The taxation of benefits
- Strategies for increasing benefits and managing attendant tax consequences
In addition to thorough analysis of the applicable laws, regulations and administrative rulings, Social Security Explained, 2020 Edition includes: - The latest earnings base for the Social Security tax and Medicare portion of the tax, as well as the annual earnings or retirement test amount
- The formula for the calculation of the maximum total amounts a family can receive in 2019 and prior years
- And much more!
Previous Edition: Social Security Explained, 2019 Edition, ISBN: 9781543806540

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