The Audio Expert | Buch | 978-0-240-82100-9 |

Buch, Englisch, 668 Seiten, Format (B × H): 189 mm x 246 mm, Gewicht: 1406 g

The Audio Expert

Everything You Need to Know About Audio

Buch, Englisch, 668 Seiten, Format (B × H): 189 mm x 246 mm, Gewicht: 1406 g

ISBN: 978-0-240-82100-9
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd

Gain a deep understanding of audio practice and theory with this easy-to-read book, illustrated with more than 400 figures and photographs. Using common sense, plain-English explanations and minimal math, author Ethan Winer helps you understand audio at the deepest, most technical level—no engineering degree necessary.

If you’re an intermediate to advanced recording engineer or audiophile, you already know the basic mechanics of how audio "works." This book will take you beyond that, weaving together audio concepts, theories of aural perception and acoustics, musical instrument physics, and basic electronics and demonstrating their relationships to one another.

Rather than merely showing you how to use audio devices like equalizers and compressors, Winer explains how they work internally and how they are spec'd and tested.

With The Audio Expert, you get:

* Videos and audio examples on the companion website ( that help you understand complex topics, such as vibration and resonance

* Platform agnostic explanations, applying to Windows and Mac operating systems, and to most software and hardware

* Practical tips, tricks, advice, and lots of myth-busting

Bonus chapters are currently available on
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<P>The intended audience is intermediate level to advanced recording engineers-both practicing and aspiring-as well as audiophiles, home theater owners, and people who sell or install audio equipment.</P>

Weitere Infos & Material

Part 1-Audio Defined
Chapter 1-Audio Basics
Chapter 2-Audio Fidelity, Measurements, and Myths
Chapter 3-Hearing, Perception, and Artifact Audibility
Chapter 4-Gozintas and Gozoutas
Part 2-Analog and Digital Recording, Processing, and Methods
Chapter- Mixers, Summing, Buses, and Routing
Chapter- Recording Devices
Chapter-Mixing Devices and Methods:
Chapter-Digital Audio Basics
Chapter-Frequency Processors
Chapter-Time Domain Processors
Chapter-Pitch and Time Manipulation Processors
Chapter-Other Processors
Part 3-Transducers
Part 4-Room Acoustics, Treatment, and Monitoring
Chapter-Absorbers and Diffusors
Chapter-Mid/High Frequency Absorbers
Chapter-Bass Traps
Chapter-Room Sizes, Shapes, and Construction
Chapter-Noise Control
Chapter-Room Measuring and Tuning
Chapter-Testing Acoustic Treatment Devices
Part 6-Overview of Video Production
Part 7-Electronics and Computers
Chapter-Basic Electronics in 60 Minutes
Chapter-Deeper into Electronics
Chapter-Practical Electronics
Chapter-Test Procedures
Part 8- Musicians and Musical Instruments
Chapter-Musicians and Music Theory
Chapter-Musical Instruments

Ethan Winer has, at various times, worked as a studio musician, computer programmer, circuit designer, recording engineer, composer/arranger, technical writer, and college instructor. He's had nearly 100 feature articles published in audio and computer magazines including Mix, PC Magazine, Electronic Musician, EQ Magazine, Audio Media, Sound on Sound, Keyboard, Pro Sound News, and Recording. In 2002 he started the company RealTraps to manufacture bass traps and other acoustic treatment, which he continues to this day.

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