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Barnes Branding as Communication

Neuausgabe 2018, Band: 5, 204 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 150 mm x 225 mm, Gewicht: 390 g Reihe: Visual Communication
ISBN: 978-1-4331-2804-2
Verlag: Peter Lang Ltd. International Academic Publishers

Barnes Branding as Communication

Once only a sign, technologies have helped to transform brands into symbols that we constantly encounter in our natural and mediated environments. Moreover, the branding of culture marks a commercialization of society. Almost everywhere we look, a brand name or logo appears.
By combining a scholarly approach with case studies and examples, this text bridges the worlds of communication and business by providing a single vocabulary in which to discuss branding. It brings these ideas together into a coherent framework to enable discussions on the topic to occur in a variety of disciplines. A number of perspectives are also provided, including brands as signs and symbols, brand personality, history, communication, cognitive factors, loyalty, personal branding, community, and social issues.
Providing a comprehensive overview of the branding process – from the creation of brands to analysis of their messages – readers will begin to understand the communicative impact of branding.


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Introduction - Branding Sign and Symbol - History of Branding - Branding as Communication - Creating Brand Images - Branding and the Mind - Emotional and Relationship Branding - Brand Personality - Brands, Personal Branding, and Community - Brands Become Icons - Branding in a Digital World - Brands and Cultural Concerns - Social Branding - Conclusion - Glossary - Index.

Barnes, Susan B.
Susan B. Barnes (Ph.D., NYU) is a communication professor. She has taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Fordham University, and Jamestown Community College. She is the author of eight books including: An Introduction to Visual Communication: From Cave Art to Second Life (Peter Lang, 2011) and Social Networks: From Text to Video (Peter Lang, 2013). Prior to joining academia, Susan was a professional graphic designer. Currently, she runs an art gallery in Cassadaga, New York, where she teaches classes.


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