Kreckmann | Kreckmann, M: Pediatrics | Medienkombination | 978-3-13-205361-8 |

Medienkombination, Englisch, 314 Seiten, Paperback (Thread Stitching), Format (B × H): 170 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 784 g


Kreckmann, M: Pediatrics

Medienkombination, Englisch, 314 Seiten, Paperback (Thread Stitching), Format (B × H): 170 mm x 240 mm, Gewicht: 784 g

ISBN: 978-3-13-205361-8
Verlag: Georg Thieme Verlag

Sharpen your diagnostic and problem-solving skills with these 85 selected pediatric teaching cases, fully detailed and illustrated

Going well beyond the purely theoretical, this collection of cases will help you simulate the thought process you would engage when working with real patients. Supplemented by excellent color photographs and radiologic images, diagnostic imaging studies, lab results, tables and schematics, and more, the book is packed with valuable information that will help clear your way to greater confidence in managing your pediatric patients.

Key Features:

  • Great clinical relevance with emphasis on a case- and problem-oriented approach
  • Suggestions for questions to ask in taking the history
  • Answer section with detailed commentary on the individual cases
  • Cases highlighting social pediatrics, adolescent psychiatry, and pediatric surgery
  • Training in the use of diagnostic imaging
  • Helpful as a supplement when preparing for board examinations

Kreckmann's Pediatrics: A Case Book will be a valuable companion for students and interns preparing for clinical rotations and for pediatric board examinations as well.

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Weitere Infos & Material

Case 1 Six-year-old boy with high fever, vomiting, and headache
Case 2 Child with barking cough and dyspnea
Case 3 Child with high fever and seizure
Case 4 Apathetic infant with persistent skin folds
Case 5 Two-year old girl with colic-like stomach pains and vomiting
Case 6 Twelve-month old boy comes for a health screening
Case 7 Ten-year-old boy with painfully swollen knee
Case 8 Girl with petechial dermatorrhagie
Case 9 Infant with projectile vomiting
Case 10 Young girl with recurrent shortness of breath
Case 11 Fourteen-month-old toddler with "runny ear"
Case 12 Three-year-old boy who has had contact with chicken pox
Case 13 Five-year-old girl with a swollen jaw angle
Case 14 Severely ill infant with cough and shortness of breath
Case 15 Young girl with difficulty swallowing and fatigue
Case 16 Two-year-old boy with coughing fit and cyanosis
Case 17 Twelve-month old boy with screaming fit and swollen testicles
Case 18 Eight-year-old boy with macrohematuria
Case 19 Boy almost 1-year-old with failure to thrive
Case 20 Macrosomal newborn after obstructed labor with shoulder dystocia
Case 21 Ten-year-old girl with fever and headache
Case 22 Eight-year-old boy with high fever and rash
Case 23 Five-year-old girl after fall from jungle gym
Case 24 Infant with high fever, sucking weakness, and vomiting
Case 25 Toddler burned by boiling water
Case 26 Five-year-old girl with abdominal pain and anal itching
Case 27 Fourteen-year-old girl with weight loss and social withdrawal
Case 28 Newborn whose mother has poorly controlled diabetes mellitus
Case 29 Five-year-old girl with hematuria
Case 30 Three-year-old boy with numerous pigment spots
Case 31 Feverish 2-year-old girl with pustulent crusty rash
Case 32 Hypotrophic newborn with abnormal phenotype
Case 33 Five-year-old boy with knee pain and protective limping
Case 34 Ten-year-old boy with scleral icterus
Case 35 Fifteen-month-old child with an abrasion and no tetanus vaccination
Case 36 Fifteen-year-old girl found unconscious with hypothermia
Case 37 Two-year-old child who has ingested an unknown fluid
Case 38 Five-day-old newborn with icterus and sucking weakness
Case 39 Three-year-old girl refusing to eat
Case 40 Newborn with morphological abnormalities
Case 41 Two siblings with itching eczematous changes on the skin of the neck and head
Case 42 Consultation regarding "sudden infant death syndrome" (SIDS)
Case 43 Five-year-old boy with high fever and abdominal pain
Case 44 Four-year-old boy with recurrent urinary tract infections
Case 45 Seven-year-old boy with pneumonia and bone pain
Case 46 Four-year-old boy with fever and exanthema
Case 47 Four-year-old girl with facial swelling
Case 48 Five-year-old girl with pale skin and splenomegaly
Case 49 Seven-year-old girl with headaches and abnormal behavior
Case 50 Four-year-old boy with pain in right lower abdomen
Case 51 Three-year-old girl with protective posture of right arm
Case 52 Ten-year-old boy with tingling paresthesia, speech disorder, and headache
Case 53 Sixteen-month old boy with undescended testis
Case 54 Eight-year-old boy with abdominal pain and weight loss
Case 55 Premature birth in 28th week of pregnancy with shortness of breath and abdominal pain on pressure
Case 56 Five-year-old boy with intense abdominal pain
Case 57 Two-year-old boy with high fever, rash, and swollen joints
Case 58 Four-month-old screaming infant with inguinal swelling
Case 59 Nineteen-month-old girl with bloody diarrhea, hematomas, and anuria
Case 60 Newborn with persistent cyanosis
Case 61 Four-year-old boy with rattling breath and hypersalivation
Case 62 Six-year-old boy with failure to thrive and recurrent pulmonary infections
Case 63 Fourteen-year-old girl who collapsed on a school trip
Case 64 Three-year-old boy with deteriorating general condition and gastroenteritis
Case 65 Healthy newborn delivered by cesarean section
Case 66 Eleven-year-old boy with high fever and joint pain
Case 67 Newborn boy with conspicuous genitals
Case 68 Six-year-old girl with abnormal appearance
Case 69 Premature baby with acute deterioration of general condition
Case 70 Four-year-old girl with fatigue and difficulty concentrating
Case 71 Exasperated parents with an 8-week-old screaming baby in the emergency department
Case 72 Five-month-old infant with severe cough for the past few weeks
Case 73 Fourteen-year-old girl with recurrent abdominal pain
Case 74 Fifteen-year-old boy with no signs of progressing puberty
Case 75 Two separate cases of infants following a fall from the changing table
Case 76 Attention in the delivery room for newborns with congenital deformities
Case 77 Newborn born in the 41st week of pregnancy after pathological CTG
Case 78 Young boy with palpitations, reduced performance, and shortness of breath
Case 79 Almost two-year-old boy, with neurodermatitis
Case 80 A young colleague during the pediatric admission examination
Case 81 Five-month old boy with therapy-resistant diarrhea
Case 82 Thirteen-year-old school girl with petechiae in poor general condition
Case 83 Fourteen-month old boy with persistent nosebleed and hematomas
Case 84 Uncontrollable six-year-old boy with aggressive behavior
Case 85 Twelve-year-old boy with painful swelling of the right foot
Sources of Images
Forms of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)
Childhood diseases
Body mass index
Important reference values

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