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Thoburn Development Economics and Social Justice

Essays in Honour of Ian Livingstone

1. Auflage 2017, 303 Seiten, Gebunden, Gewicht: 558 g
ISBN: 978-0-8153-8851-7
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Inc

Thoburn Development Economics and Social Justice

Professor Ian Livingstone is one of a small group of British development economists who have achieved international renown and recognition. The objective of this book is to pay tribute to his life's work, particularly those aspects which related to key but challenging development issues. These issues include, at a broad level, the understanding of the economic forces determining the development of low income economies, more detailed "micro" work on agricultural development (irrigation in particular), decentralisation and local government finance, small scale enterprises, and large scale manufacturing development. Themes running through his work relate to his over-riding concern for rigour and for socio-economic justice. Ian Livingstone consistently used the traditional tools of economic analysis as a means to increase understanding of development issues - in a way which was, itself, just as radical as the contributions of political scientists and sociologists. This volume has been produced with similar aims.


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Contents: Introduction. Poverty Reduction: Reaching the poor: the need for a new donor strategy, Goran Hyden; Structural adjustment and poverty reduction in Uganda, John Ddumba-Ssentamu and Louis Kasekende; Poverty, growth and development: recent Chinese experience, John Weiss; Public expenditure and poverty reduction: some current dilemmas, John Mackinnon. Development Issues: African debt management: lessons from Uganda, John Loxley; Deconcentration, devolution and donors: explaining centralisation - decentralisation cycles in Developing Countries, Roger Charlton; The past and the present: reflections on 50 years of development ideas and the UN, Janet Blackman; A plea in some desperation, Mike Faber; Economic reform in Vietnam and Tanzania: a comparative commentary, Brian van Arkadie. Agricultural Development: Reflections on the study of the irrigation potential of the Usangu Plains of Tanzania, Richard Palmer-Jones and Bruce Lankford; Sustainable Agricultural and rural development in sub-Saharan Africa, Deryke Belshaw; The 'Sponge Effect' and the transition from state to private agriculture, Peter Lawrence. Small-scale Enterprise Development: Reflections on Ian Livingstone's contributions to the understanding of small enterprises, Donald Mead; East African micro-enterprises: the negotiation of their labour, gender and rural-urban relations, Poul Ove Pedersen; Economic efficiency measures for small-scale enterprises in developing countries, Michael Tribe. Industrial Development: Reflections on industrialisation strategies and experiences in sub-Saharan Africa, Frederick Nixson; Trade reform and state-owned enterprise restructuring in Vietnam: implications for workers, John Thoburn; Ian Livingstone - his career and a select bibliography; Index.

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