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Nordquist / Moore / Skaridov International Energy Policy, the Arctic and the Law of the Sea

Erscheinungsjahr 2005, Band: 9, 342 Seiten, Gebunden, Format (B × H): 162 mm x 246 mm, Gewicht: 757 g Reihe: Center for Oceans Law and Policy
ISBN: 978-90-04-14403-3

Nordquist / Moore / Skaridov International Energy Policy, the Arctic and the Law of the Sea

The economic health of the global economy is directly tied to international energy policies, and none are more important than those of Russia, which is now the world’s largest petroleum export nation. At the same time, oil and gas are finite resources and new sources of supply must be found. It is certain that the Arctic will be one of the areas of greatest interest. Wherever the energy resource originates, the law of the sea regime will be critical in the movement from source to market. Thus, this book on International Energy Policy, the Arctic and the Law of the Sea is especially timely. The content is based on presentations made in St. Petersburg, Russia in June, 2004. The perspectives of Russia, China and the United States are discussed in depth by some of the world’s foremost authorities. The special significance of the Caspian Sea routes for export and the consequences of the opening of a Northwest Passage due to global warming are among the unique issues covered in this volume.

Weitere Infos & Material

Note by the Editors,
Introduction and Welcoming Remarks, John Norton Moore,
Director, Center for Oceans Law and Policy, H.E. Anatoliy L. Kolodkin Judge, International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea, Keynote Addresses,
Current and Emerging Issues in the Law of the Sea, H.E. Satya N. Nandan, Keynote Address, V. Peresupkin,
Panel I: Global Perspectives, John Norton Moore, Moderator, Russian Maritime Policy and Energy Resources, Payel Dzubenko,
Current Oceans Policy: United States Perspectives, Margaret F. Hayes (presented by Myron H. Nordquist),
The Law of the Sea Convention: A View from the U.S. Senate, Michael J. Mattler,
Panel II: International Law and Regional Energy Issues, H.E. Anatoliy L. Kolodkin,
Moderator, China’s Energy Policies and the Law of the Sea, Kuen-chen Fu,
Problems of International Law Legislation for Exploration, and Transportation of Energy Resources by the Sea in Light of Terrorist Activity, Boris A. Smuslov,
Transportation of Energy Resources and the Turkish Policy in the Black Sea Straits, Vladimir S. Kotliar,
Legal Aspects of Russian Perspectives on Continental Shelf Issues in the Arctic Areas, Alexander S. Skaridov and Mariya A. Skaridova,
Panel III: Scientific Aspects of Energy Exploration and Exploitation at Sea, Barbara Moore,
Moderator, The Concept of the International Transfer of Good Practice as an Environmental Policy Component in Major Offshore Oil and Gas Developments: A Perspective from Environmental Science, William Ritchie,
Challenges of Collecting Law of the Sea Data in the Arctic, Larry Mayer, Martin Jakobsson and John Hall,
Panel IV: Legal, Environmental and Technical Aspects of Energy Transportation, Nilüfer Oral,
Moderator, The Turkish Straits, Oil Transportation and Turkish Policy, Nilüfer Oral,
Cooperation Between Vessel Traffic Services (VTSs) in the Black Sea, Robert Hofstee and Ozkan Poyraz,
Oil Spill Contingency Planning and Technical Cooperation of the Black Sea Region, John Østergaard,
Industry Approach to Energy Transportation and Protection of the Marine Environment, Kjell Landin,
Panel V:
Legal Aspects of Energy Development and Distribution, Myron H. Nordquist,
Moderator, Energy Development and Distribution – What Can the Law Do?, Paul B. Stephan,
A Conflict of Interest for Russia: Offshore Oil vs. the Problems of Environmental Regulation, Richard N. Dean and Michael P. Barry,
Legal Status of Caspian Sea Exploration and Production Issues, Armen V. Safaryan,
Energy Policy and International Royalty: A Dormant Servitude Relevant for Arctic Offshore Development, Aldo Chircop,
Panel VI: New Challenges in the Arctic Region, Sverrir Haukur Gunnlaugsson,
Moderator, Consequences of Rapid Arctic Climate Changes, Alexander Klepikov, Alexander Danilov and Victor Dmitriev,
Arctic Biodiversity: Challenges and Opportunities for Monitoring, Aevar Petersen,
Monitoring Environmental Change in the Arctic with an Emphasis on Russia, Lars Otto Reiersen,
Panel VII: Legal and Scientific Aspects of the North Sea Passage, Alexander S. Skaridov,
Moderator, Climate Change and the Northern Sea Route: An Icelandic Perspective, Thor Edward Jakobsson,
New Illusions of a Northwest Passage, Franklyn Griffiths,
Coming to the Arctic: Oil, Ships and UNCLOS Plus Risk and Research, George B. Newton,
Concluding Remarks, John Norton Moore.

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